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10 Cities That are Among the Most Hospitable in the World

Azure bays, star gastronomy or beautiful architecture. Just a few things the 10 most hospitable cities in the world have to offer.

April 11, 2023

1. Polignano a mare

The old town of Polignano a Mare is built directly on a cliff. © Vincenzo De Simone/unsplash

The southern Italian city of Polignano a Mare took first place in the ranking of the world's most hospitable cities. The local hotels and vacation apartments received above-average ratings from travelers on the booking platform booking.com. Polignano a Mare is located in the Bari region of Puglia is known and popular for its spectacular construction on steep cliffs.

2. Hualien City

Hualien City is surrounded by stunning natural landscapes. © Su San Lee/unsplash

Hualien City is located directly on the east coast of Taiwan on the Pacific Ocean and has become a popular travel destination in the country for both local and international visitors. Nearby is Taroko National Park with its breathtaking natural landscapes. In Hualien City itself, travelers can marvel at houses worth seeing from the time of Japanese rule and stroll through numerous garden areas and enjoy the famous night markets. 

3. San sebastián

View of the port of San Sebastián. © ultrash ricco/unsplash

The port city on the Basque coast has become a real trendy city for tourists over the years. San Sebastián was already named European Capital of Culture in 2016. On the one hand, the city impresses with its beautiful architecture, kept in the style of the Belle Epoque. On the other hand, San Sebastián is considered the hunter of Michelin stars. Not without reason it's said that the city collects the most Michelin stars per square meter. 

4. Dresden

Oliver View of Dresden's Old Town from the banks of the Elbe River. © Guher/unsplash

Dresden is one of the most historic metropolises in Germany. The most famous sight is the Frauenkirche, which was completely renovated after its destruction in World War II. With its more than 600 parks, the city is also one of the greenest in Europe. The Brühl Terrace is particularly popular: the once private pleasure garden invites you to go for walks, picnics and long sunsets. 

5. Klaipėda

The port city of Klaipéda is also a popular stop for cruise ships © Arvydas Venckus/unsplash

The former Prussian provincial town of Memel has become the dynamic Lithuanian port city of Klaipéda. With its half-timbered buildings, Art Nouveau houses and miles of sandy beaches, Klaipéda is perfect for both a city break and a beach vacation. The sailing ships and fishing boats converted into restaurants on the riverbank of the old town, where you can enjoy culinary delights, are unique.

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6. York

Medieval buildings dominate the cityscape of the small northern English town of York. © Karl Moran/unsplash

The British city is the perfect destination for culture travelers and history buffs, as the picturesque town in the north of England is home to numerous sights from the Middle Ages: old market squares, narrow alleys and small stores characterize the cityscape. The main attractions include York Minster Cathedral and the city wall, which is over three kilometers long.

7. Ushuaia

Ushuaia is the largest city in Tierra del Fuego and also the last major city before Antarctica. ©66north/unsplash

The Argentine coastal town is located at the southernmost point of Tierra del Fuego and is therefore often referred to as the end of the world. From the small town, numerous excursions can be made into the surrounding countryside. Right next to Ushuaia is the Tierra del Fuego National Park. Boat trips to the penguin colonies on the coast are also very popular. The more adventurous travelers can set sail from Ushuaia on a multi-day expedition to Antarctica.  

8 Porto De Galinhas

Porto De Galinhas is one of the most important tourist destinations in Brazil. © Cleber Nadalutti/unsplash

Porto de Galinhas is one of the most famous beach resorts in Brazil. Palm trees line the four-kilometer-long main beach, the water is turquoise blue, and the sand is fine-grained and white. The lively center of the city is characterized by many restaurants and stores. In summer there is also a lively nightlife. 

9. Mexico city

Mexico City Cathedral is the largest and oldest cathedral in the Americas. © Bhargava Marripati/unsplash

Mexico's checkered megacity is the second largest city in the world after Tokyo. Major attractions for cultural connoisseurs include Coyoacán, a small town of cobbled streets and colorful 16th-century mansions, and the Frida Kahlo Museum, which is well suited for walking tours-often combined with a boat trip along the canals of nearby Xochimilco. 

10. Gold Coast

The surf beaches off Gold Coast City are dominated by a skyline of skyscrapers. © unsplash

Most associate Gold Coast with the long stretch of coastline in eastern Australia. But there's also a city with the same name that is part of the coastal region. Located south of Brisbane, the Gold Coast is famous for its long sandy beaches, excellent surfing spots, and has an intricate network of inland canals and waterways. 

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