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5 questions for: Marie-Louise Sciò

The Italian hotel heiress in the Falstaff TRAVEL Talk

26 May 2021

She must have one of the most beautiful jobs in the world: Marie-Louise Sciò is the managing director and creative director of the legendary Pellicano Hotels in Italy. Sciò unconditionally carries on the unique flair of the traditional family business after she took over the management. At the same time, she offers guests an unforgettable stay. She talks to us about her original career plans as an architect in New York City and how the family hotel in Italy captured her heart.

1. how are you today? How is business?

I'm fine! Business is good even given the current situation. We are open for a shorter season and with half of our contingent. In May this year we also Issimo launched, our new lifestyle and e-commerce website that is the digital expression of our Pellicano world. It started as a pure passion project and evolved into an interactive digital platform highlighting the intersections of Italy's cornerstones - craftsmanship, art, design, cuisine, travel and culture. There are also Italian-focused city guides, as well as a dedicated shopping section with collaborations and capsule collections from various brands. So even those who don't travel can experience a piece of Italy.

The family's noble hotels look forward to welcoming guests once again. Credit: Pellicano Hotels

2. You are the Managing Director of Pellicano Hotels. Can you give us some insights into the impressive hotel group?

The Pellicano Group has three jewels in Italy: Il Pellicano in Porto Ercole, one of the most famous Italian destinations for more than 50 years. La Posta Vecchia, a lush retreat on the Tyrrhenian Sea, just a short drive from Rome. It was once the home of billionaire J. P. Getty, who filled it with Italian art treasures and created the Mezzatorre in Ischiawhich proudly overlooks the Gulf of Naples from a rocky promontory. My father Roberto Sciò bought Il Pellicano and then La Posta Vecchia in 1979. The Mezzatorre is our latest adventure. We fell in love with the hotel, took over in 2019 and brought our Pellicano Hotels touch to the accommodation.

3. you took over the hotel from your father. Was this choice easy for you?

It wasn't planned! I studied fine art and architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design and started my career in the studio of New York archist Costas Kondillis. I then returned to Italy for love and worked as an interior designer. One day I was at Il Pellicano and my father asked me to renovate a bathroom. I accepted the challenge. Not long after, he asked me to renovate the entire hotel and the rest is history!

An eye for the finest aesthetics has always been in Sciò's blood. Credit: Pellicano Hotels

4. can you describe your hotel in three words?

I can do it in four words: elegant, timeless, understated luxury.

5. what would it take to stay innovative in the hospitality industry?

The hospitality industry has never been a concept with fixed boundaries and has shown that it can continuously innovate and meet a guest's highest expectations and wildest dreams. Now, however, this industry is facing a situation that few of us could have predicted. The Covid pandemic has had an impact in almost every country in the world. The hospitality industry needs to ensure that innovations have a targeted impact. Environmental awareness is also growing, as is the desire for ever more meaningful and memorable experiences.

Hotel Mezzatorre is located in a gorgeous bay in Ischia. Credit: Pellicano Hotels

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