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5 Questions for the "Pasta Queen" Nadia Caterina Munno

The social media star reveals her secret tips for Rome

19 May 2023

The Roman-born cook is known worldwide for her charismatic cooking videos. Her first book, “The Pasta Queen: A Just Gorgeous Cookbook,” was an instant bestseller. Munno now resides in Florida, but Rome still has her whole heart.

The Pasta Queen: Geheimtipps für Rom

The self-proclaimed "Pasta Queen" appreciates classic Italian cuisine. © provided

Where does your love of pasta come from?
I spent my childhood surrounded by pasta and learned how to make it by hand – with love. My family owned a pasta factory in southern Italy in the 19th century. So you could say I come from a pasta dynasty.

You moved from Rome to Florida years ago. Do you still consider yourself a Roman?
Rome will always be my home and I still visit regularly. In my opinion, there is no more beautiful place in the whole world.

The Pasta Queen: Geheimtipps für Rom

Roman at heart: the Italian capital will always be Munno's true home. © provided

Which is your favorite neighborhood in Rome?
Campo Marzio in the historic center is the best part of the city for hotels. I also love crossing the beautiful bridges across the Tiber and walking to Trastevere, which has great restaurants and exciting nightlife.

What do you like best about Rome?
You can explore almost all of the downtown area on foot – what better way to burn off calories from pasta and gelato? And there are few things more beautiful than the streets of Rome at night.

Do you have any inside tips for us?
My favorite restaurant is Piatto Romano, the nicest hotel is the Hotel Vilòn. And make sure to grab gelato from Otaleg and go for drinks at Valentyne.

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This article appeared in the Falstaff TRAVEL issue Spring 2023.

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