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5 Questions for Star Violinist David Garrett

The star violinist reveals his best kept travel secrets

March 18, 2023

As a star violinist, David Garrett is always on the move. His great international success take him all over the world, and his last tour covered 11 different countries. That is why we talked to him about his best travel tips.

Your "ICONIC" tour starts on March 19, 2023 and covers 10 countries. Besides Europe, it also takes you to South America - will you have the opportunity to see the places you visit during the tour?
I really hope so. I've since slowed down my tour calendar a bit. Meaning that while 6-8 years ago I was rushing around a lot in terms of concert schedules, now, for example, after the concerts in Mexico, I've taken some time off to spend a few days extra for myself. The last vacation I took was in Mexico, when I flew to Tulum with my girlfriend and we really enjoyed it there. Maybe I'll do that again after the last concert.

On vacation, like here in the Maldives at The Residence Maldives Dhigurah, David Garrett prefers to go to the beach. © private

Your music is very cross-genre and brings classical music to a much wider audience. Where do you find the inspiration for this? Do your travels, like most recently to The Residence Maldives Dhigurah in the Maldives, influence your international approach to classical music?
Of course, travel is something that shapes you, in life and in art. When you have beautiful experiences, it's like you're inspired. And I always have the violin with me anyway.

Residences Maldives

The charismatic musician prepares for his new tour at the picturesque Residence Maldives Dhigurah. © The Residence Hotels

Which destinations are still on your bucket list?
I've played a few cities professionally where I had little time and I've always said: If I ever have some time, I'd like to come back again. Dubrovnik is a city where I played my concert and had the leave the next morning. For the few minuted that I saw the city, I found it so fascinating that I would love to see it again. And, of course, there is one or the other city in Italy, like Venice. Nepal is is also on my bucket list. I love the tranquility and I'd love a wooden hut in the mountains. You could send me there for three months and I would not get bored. Or to the northern regions, like Alaska or Iceland.... My violin has to be there so I can work, but other than that I'm happy.

Venice is at the top of David Garrett's bucket list. © Shutterstock

What is important to you when traveling?
I don't like to travel alone, that's draining to me. I like the social aspect of going somewhere. I need company. That's why for the last 10 years I've had a team of people around me that are not only professional, but have also become friends.

Do you have travel hacks?
I'm someone who also uses Airbnb. The drop-off is higher there, of course. The risk with Airbnb is higher than booking a hotel where you know a standard is set. I've had great and not so great experiences with Airbnb. It's exciting and it stays exciting until you arrive. Before that I search meticulously for hours, you really have to do detective work.

David Garrett most recently enjoyed some time off at The Residence Maldives Dhigurah © private

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