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6 Questions for Aksel Lund Svindal

As an Olympic and world champion, he was one of the greats in alpine skiing: Aksel Lund Svindal. Today, the Norwegian leaves a different mark and brings his experience to the development of sportswear.

13 December 2021

Mr Svindal, what does your life look like after your active racing career?

I work on various projects, all of them have to do with new technologies, some with the ski industry. I am still closely connected to the ski circus.

What does skiing mean to you today?

I plan to spend a lot of time on skis this winter. My focus now is no longer on speed, of course, but more on enjoyment.

Speaking of technology: what will happen in skiing in the next few years?

I would like to see developments that reduce the risk of injury. I'm thinking of intelligent bindings, for example.

You once said, "I learned that the right equipment makes all the difference." Would you still sign that?

I am a product person. I've always been very interested in details and always looking to improve them. Details make a big difference - that also applies to normal skiers.

You work with the sporting goods company Sweet Protection, which manufactures high-quality ski goggles and helmets, among other things. What do you value in the products?

The focus is on functionality and clean lines. I like to approach the design and production of skiwear in the same way as hardware, with a development-focused approach. The products are durable and high quality, and wherever possible we opt for sustainable options. But we never compromise on product performance.

As a racer you have got to know many ski resorts. Is there a favourite?

I like power when I'm riding, and everything depends on the perfect snow conditions. Basically, it's about being in the right place at the right time. Even a small ski resort with only one T-bar lift can be the perfect spot.

The Sweet Protection collection in collaboration with Aksel Lund Svindal can be found here>.

© Markus Valeur

This article appeared in the Falstaff TRAVEL issue Winter 2021/22.

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