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9 questions for: Charlotte Lynggaard

The Danish jewellery designer in the Falstaff TRAVEL Talk

19 May 2021

Charlotte Lynggaard is a jewellery designer from Denmark and creative director of the family business Ole Lynggaard, founded by her father. By the way, one of her biggest fans is the Danish Crown Princess Mary. The 54-year-old talked to us about her beautiful Hometown Copenhagen and gives tips on what not to miss there.

1. if your city was a person ... what would this look like?

Sophisticated but down to earth. He or she wouldn't be afraid to stand out from the crowd and wear something out of the ordinary. Chic yet practical. The person would dress according to the weather. First and foremost, however, she or he would always look effortlessly stylish without trying too hard.

2. what do you love most about Copenhagen?

The versatility and charming contrasts - in the people and in the city in general. There are several great places - the small hidden ones, but also the bigger and spectacular ones - from museums and restaurants to shops and buildings. Another great thing about Copenhagen is that even though you are in the middle of the city, you are still close to water and green spaces. Copenhagen is indeed a city of contrasts - I really appreciate that.

3. what is life like in your hometown?

I live in a small coastal settlement north of Copenhagen, where I am surrounded by beautiful Danish nature. But our flagship store is located in the heart of Copenhagen and I love to visit the city and get inspired by the diversity of people, art and vibrant life. So I would say that I have the best of both worlds.

Style and aesthetics have always been in the 54-year-old's blood. Credit: Iversen

4. is there a restaurant that you consider an extended living room, and if so, why?

I wouldn't consider it an extended living room because for me, eating at home and going out are two completely different things. But I love going out with my friends and family, and when I do, I prefer Sanders for breakfast, Café Victor for lunch, and The Market Asian for dinner.

5. a visitor has only two days in Copenhagen- what is a must see?

I would recommend hiring a cycle rickshaw - sit back and enjoy the ride. It's an amazing way to experience Copenhagen's many treasures. Cross the small bridges of the city. Explore the beautiful buildings and make some stops along the way. I would recommend you to visit some of the most beautiful museums in the city. Among them, the National Gallery of Denmark and the Glyptotek. It's not easy to get around Copenhagen without passing many wonderful places - just let yourself be carried away.

6. and what should you look at if you have a lot of time on your hands?

Then I would recommend enjoying Copenhagen as a local rather than from a tourist's perspective. I would take slow walks in The King's Garden or Dyrehaven north of Copenhagen. Danish architecture is very well known, so I would take the time to find out how new buildings complement the old buildings in the city - it's very interesting. Last but not least, I would visit the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art - it's outside the city but definitely worth a visit.

The history of this traditional family business goes back many years. Credit: Lynggaard Family

7. what surprises does Copenhagen have in store for open-minded visitors?

Look at the people and take your time to discover different places. My best advice is to let yourself be seduced by the city and what it has to offer.

8. the best souvenir from Copenhagen?

Find something very Danish. I would suggest visiting Illums Bolighus - they have countless classic Danish design pieces. And if you're visiting the city with kids, they have a charming little section in the Tivoli theme park. This season we also did some Christmas decorations in our flagship store. This would also be a cute souvenir to bring home.

Among the biggest fans of the fine jewelry creations is Sweden's Crown Princess Mary. Credit: Iversen

9. the best memory you can take away from Copenhagen?

Some of the best memories Copenhagen offers would be the endless summer nights where it feels like time stands still. A tip would also be to visit the culinary district of Copenhagen Street near the harbor. There is so much "hygge" there and a warmth that many rave about after visiting Copenhagen. Nights like this are remembered forever. This atmosphere is hard to forget.

Interview: Marie-Theres Auer

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