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Sommer in St. Johann

Eight summer highlights in St. Johann Salzburg

A holiday in Salzburg promises one thing above all: thrilling adventures for the whole family!

27 July 2021

The tourism region St. Johann (JO) in Salzburg, makes the Summer a highlight for the whole family. The starting point for many adventures is the picturesque Alpendorf, the heart of the region. The small village in St. Johann, ideally nestled between forests and mountains, is known far beyond its borders. It is reminiscent of the Gallic village of Asterix & Obelix. 

Here are eight summer highlights you definitely shouldn't miss:

1. ghost mountain

Alpendorf 2, 5600 St. Johann in the Pongau

The children's adventure park on the 1,787 metre high Gernkogel remains the top address in the region for families and children. Even the ride into the park becomes a spectacle with the ghost train. "Gspensti & Spuki" accompany visitors through four ghostly worlds characterized by the elements of air, fire, earth and water. Once in the centre of the Ghost Mountain, there is plenty to explore with the Ghost Castle, the Dragon Path, numerous water games, climbing towers, swings and slides.

The Geisterberg and Drachi's via ferrata is truly an experience for children. Credit:, JO Salzburg

2. Liechtensteinklamm

Liechtensteinklammstraße 123, 5600 St. Johann in the Pongau

A few kilometres further south, the Liechtensteinklamm is the main attraction for excursionists from near and far. With the thundering masses of water between towering rocks, the gorge offers a natural spectacle of a special kind. The rushing stream has carved itself into the mountain over thousands of years, making the Liechtensteinklamm what it is today: one of the longest and deepest gorges in the Alps. A perfect photo spot and architectural highlight is the 60-metre-long spiral staircase "Helix", which leads into the interior of the gorge.

"Helix", the main attraction for day trippers from near and far. Credit:

3. surfing in the alps

For a refreshing summer with wow-effect, the surf spot in St. Johann is available. The surf highlight "Upstream Surfing" will take place directly on the river Salzach from July 2021. Take note that surfing on the Salzach can be booked free of charge for holiday guests in St. Johann as part of the "JO X and & fit" event series. The new trend sport is a mixture of river surfing and wakeboarding and only requires swimming skills as a prerequisite. The dates at a glance: 21/22 August, 11/12 and 28/29 September. The active programme is complemented by guided e-bike tours, golf taster courses, herb and sunrise hikes at Hochgründeck. 

Surfing in the Alps is a refreshing summer treat. Credit: NilsRoling

4. yoga on the mountain in St. Johann

Up the mountain and down again goes the "Sunrise 'JO'GA". The early bird catches the worm here. The yoga session starts every Thursday morning at 07:00 directly in front of the Zederberghof. 

5. JODY's tree course

The new attraction at the Hahnbaum offers climbing pleasure at heights of up to 20 metres. A pre-assembled steel net provides the desired feeling of safety, no additional equipment is required. Four different routes with 30 stations are available in the middle of the forest. Also worth a climbing adventure is "Drachi's Klettersteig" at the Geisterberg. The 70-metre-high climbing wall is approved for children aged 12 and over. A steel rope is attached along the entire length, which is used for securing with carabiners.

At a height of 20m at the Hahnbaum. Credit:

6. summit hopping in St. Johann

For all hiking and nature lovers, the Salzburg Summit Game has proven itself. A unique hiking experience in which seven peaks are climbed at seven locations. At various waypoints, the story of the "Benevolent Queen and her noblemen" is told. The personalities of that time have long since disappeared and petrified into mountains: In St. Johann, the Hochgründeck is dedicated to a special nobleman, the healer. At 1,827 metres, the mountain is not only one of the highest forested peaks in Europe, but also an ancient place of power and ritual.

Seven peaks in seven places? In St. Johann you can experience dreamlike hiking events! Credit:

7. hiking in St. Johann

Thanks to the Salzburg Sport World, guests can enjoy 1,000 kilometres of marked hiking trails, 14 themed hiking routes and a 540 kilometre long cycling network for mountain bikers and pleasure bikers, covering the areas of Flachau, Wagrain and St. Johann. After so much exercise in the fresh air, hunger is bound to set in. Many cosy huts invite you to stay for a while. And honestly: Pinzgauer Kasnocken or the Salzburger Nockerl should not be missed by anyone. Probably the most popular dessert are the fragile dessert mountains. Always freshly prepared, the fine whipped egg whites are a sweet culinary journey into the region.

After so much exercise in breathtaking scenery, you're bound to be hungry. Credit:

8. Adventurous Children's Week

More adventure. More entertainment. And even more wow factor! "JoKiWo", the coolest week for children in the country, will take place from 29 August to 4 September 2021. In addition to a trip to Ghost Mountain, there will be a children's concert, "Swan Lake," and a puppet show. Bouncy castles and face painting for children will also be available as part of the big day. 

Children's Week will probably be remembered forever by little ones. Credit:

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