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Die besten Tipps für Tulum
© Spencer Watson/Unsplash

Best of Tulum: The hotspots of the dream destination

Caribbean lifestyle, sun, beach and crystal clear water: Tulum is the beach destination par excellence. But the town on the Riviera Maya also scores points in terms of culture and cuisine. These are the best tips for Tulum.

January 24, 2022

Tulum - a place of longing, which enchants again and again. Time seems to have stood still here. No matter when you make your way to the coastal town on the Riviera Maya, some 130 kilometers south of Cancun: life feels lighter here. Is it the brightly painted posadas (hostels)? Or is it the white beach? The crystal clear water? The Mayan ruins? It's the perfect mix that makes it so appealing. These are the best tips for Tulum in terms of sightseeing, shopping, adventure and living.

Always an experience: visiting a cenote. © Unsplash

Entry requirements

  • The 3G rule applies; however, proof of its provision is not required
  • However, some airlines require proof; check with the airline before departure.
  • Filling out the health history form
  • Presence of a return ticket and proof of accommodation highly recommended

"Que onda?"

Yeah, what's up? A lot and nothing at the same time. On a vacation in Tulum, one thing is paramount: stress has no place here. You enjoy the warm rays of the sun on your skin. And completely give yourself over to the Caribbean-relaxed attitude to life. This includes treating yourself to a large portion of taco cochinita pibil. And while you stroll through the streets of Tulum Beach with its chic boho stores, restaurants, fine boutiques and small bungalows with the typical regional specialty of marinated, chopped pork with onions, you immediately forget your everyday life. On one side the beach and the sea, on the other the jungle: Tulum is an Insta-dream come true.

The colorful guesthouses hide in the lush jungle. © Unsplash

The best tips for Tulum: Shopping

Tulum village

Tulum Village is the name given to the small cluster of pretty boutiques, chic restaurants and cafes located between the Gitano Restaurant and Sueño Tulum.


The pretty ponchos, jumpsuits, dresses, capes, tops and skirts are a tribute to the Mayan culture. They are matched by the beautiful leather accessories. All products are handmade.


The right dresses for a boho beach destination like Tulum are available at this iconic dress store. NYC fashion influence from New York owner Joanne Salt meets Caribbean beach. The result is flowing dresses in all colors and lengths.

Mr. Blackbird

Housed in a cabana, this store is a kind of extension of the beach. Here you can get very special pieces: all sandals, clothes, accessories and jewelry are inspired by the mysteries of Tulum. And unique pieces!

La Troupe

Founded by Ana Thenor, Lorena Surra and Berenice Apostolo, lifestyle and accessories store La Troupe is a mix of regional textiles and a contemporary aesthetic. The spirit of fair trade hovers over everything.


Recycled silver and natural materials such as stones and feathers are offered for sale in the small beach boutique. But in their most beautiful form: as carefully handcrafted pieces of jewelry.

A must on the to-do list: a visit to the Mayan ruins. © Pexels

The best tips for Tulum: restaurants

Man does not live on tacos alone. Not even in Mexico. What is striking, however, is that unlike in other Mexican destinations, a healthy lifestyle plays a major role in hip Tulum. There's not a corner without a smoothie store offering Instagrammable fruit and vegetable juices. People eat green, vegan, fresh.

Casa Jaguar

Once a small, rustic restaurant in the heart of the Tulum jungle, Casa Jaguar is now an all-day dining experience. At the same time, it functions as a venue for cultural events. Super stylish interior. Be sure to try the fresh Todos Santos salad.


Here the menu changes daily. What's on the menu is determined by the sea and the land. Only the freshest products from the Yucatan Peninsula find their way into the kitchen.

Arca Bar

The bar is located between the beach and the jungle. The ambience is simply unbeatable. Just like the drinks and food. Colorful cocktails, local flavors. micro-seasonal aspirations.

El Asadero

The perfect place to spend a cozy evening with friends. Argentina meets Mexico. Supposedly the best steaks this side of the equator. El Asadero Tulum on Instagram


Strawberry Basil Mojitos to melt away, Mexican food and in addition the restaurant itself, which looks like a tree house: Tulum at it's best!

Stunning drinks, exterm ingenious ambiance. ©

Best of Hotels in Tulum

Charming boho hotels, posadas and beach bungalows can be found on every corner in Tulum. They duck under tall palm trees on the fine beach and are relaxing hideaways for their guests. And some of them come with a lot of history.

Casa Malca

The best tips for Tulum would not be complete without Casa Malca. After all, it is the former hacienda of the notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar. Now it belongs to an art dealer. From the bedrooms you have magnificent views of the beach.


A strong eco-focus and an outstanding restaurant with healthy cuisine. These are not the only arguments in favor of the hotel built of glass, stone and tiles. It also scores with just 19 rooms and a spa complete with yoga studio. And from there you can look out over the sea.


From cabanas and tents, Berber carpets and swaths of fabric waving in the breeze, the Nomad lives up to its name. Gorgeous grilled octopus.

Tulum Treehouse

Modern Mexican design, minimalist furnishings, hip exposed concrete. And all this draped around a pool an open-air kitchen and surrounded by lush greenery. A dream home on the jungle side of Beach Road.


In the heart of the jungle, this boutique hotel offers pure relaxation. An extensive wellness program and only 24 guest rooms make for a transformative stay.

Tulum is a lifestyle. © Pexels

Things to do in Tulum

Besides hip cafes, excellent restaurants and the many shopping opportunities, Tulum of course offers much more. A day at the beach? Check. Swimming in caves? Check. What you should definitely experience in Tulum:

Visit Mayan Ruins

Tulum has two ancient archaeological sites. One is located on a cliff 12 meters high. The other is about 50 km away in Coba. In both places, the ruins of the vanished advanced civilization amaze. Tip: do not come on Sundays. Then the locals have free entry and it is accordingly busy. 

Swim in cenotes

Anyone who has swum in a lake in a karst cave knows how spectacular this feeling is. There are many water-filled caves in and around Tulum. The most famous are the Grand Cenote and the Cenote Dos Ojos. However, both are relatively expensive and often crowded. Insider tip from the editorial staff: the Cenote Carwash. Here are enough sunbathing areas, it is clean and quiet. Don't forget a snorkel.

What's there not to love? © Pexels

Visit the Sian Ka'an Nature Reserve

The UNESCO World Heritage Site is over 500,000 hectares in size. Tropical forests, palm savannahs, crystal clear lagoons and beautiful sandy beaches are just waiting to be discovered. Hundreds of different bird species, pumas, jaguars - the biodiversity is great.

Enjoy beach club feeling

In Tulum the sun sets behind the jungle. Thus, the evening twilight is rather short. It gets dark quickly. Those who want to eat on the beach usually do so at lunch time in a relaxed beach club. Always recommended: the Coco Tulum Beach Bar, the child friendly Paraiso Beach Club, and the Mia Beach Club with its over 200 wine labels.

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