borgo egnazia
© Jacob Sjöman

Borgo Egnazia: Puglia's most magical resort

The luxurious Hotel Borgo Egnazia in sunny Puglia is the perfect microcosm of a classic Italian village where guests are lovingly welcomed.

June 5, 2022

Borgo Egnazia
Strada Comunale Egnazia 72015, Savelletri BR, Italy
Tel: +39 080 225 5000
Price: double room from € 500,- per night

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borgo egnazia

A place like no other: Borgo Egnazia invites you to feel at home. © Jacob Sjöman

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In English, Borgo means "small village" - and that is exactly what the Melpignano family has created with this unique resort in Savelletri di Fasano in the Italian region of Puglia. Set amidst an olive grove and in close proximity to the sea, the magical resort is an all-around authentic reflection of the idyllic villages in the area.

borgo egnazia tree

The tree in the lobby is an artistic masterpiece whose leaves, made of rolled-up book pages, partially function as lamps. © Aldo Ricci

As soon as you enter the lobby, you can see how well thought-out the concept is. The entire property is decorated in light natural tones and exudes a mood of calm and harmony. Although the Borgo can accommodate many guests overall, it never feels crowded. Thanks to its village-like design, the resort offers plenty of space and always feels quiet and intimate.

borgo egnazia

An idyllic retreat with style: the resort immediately captivates visitors. © Leonarda d'Avanzo

Location & neighborhood

Puglia is still a real insider tip among travellers who want to experience Italy in an authentic way. This is also reflected in the landscape, which is still largely untouched by modernity. Borgo Egnazia is nestled between extensive nature (the centuries-old olive groves in the area provide high-quality olive oil for which the region is known) and the brilliant blue sea of the Adriatic. Apart from a golf course (which is part of the resort), a traditional masseria or two and fertile fields where fruit and vegetables are grown, there is nothing far and wide to be found. So if you are looking for peace and relaxation, this is definitely the right place.

cala masciola

One of the resort's beaches is wonderfully natural and mainly frequented by adults due to the rocky shore. © Borgo Egnazia

Rooms & suites

Borgo Egnazia was born in 2010 from the visionary project of Pino Brescia, an Italian designer who devotedly implemented the concept of the Melpignano family as a tribute to the traditional architecture of the region. Typical materials such as hand-cut tuff stone and local features such as the characteristic small windows were used to authentically stage the character of the area. The house offers three types of accommodation where tradition, modernity and authenticity are harmoniously combined.

Local features like hand-cut tufa stone and small windows give the resort its authentic character. © Jacob Sjöman

The main building, known as La Corte, houses 63 rooms in three categories, which are based on the traditional masserie in a contemporary way. It also houses the Due Camini restaurant, the Vair Spa and the brand new Bar del Portico. The rooms and suites in the main house are refined and luxurious; perfect for couples.

La Corte

Idyll for couples: In the main house it sleeps romantically. © Borgo Egnazia

With its central piazza and its small alleys that resemble an Apulian village, Il Borgo perfectly reflects the village character. The 92 Casette - small houses in classic style - are perfect for smaller families. The style here is a little less upscale than the rooms in the main building and embodies more of the rustic charm for which Puglia is so popular.

casetta magnifica

The delightful casettas are rustically furnished and exude unmistakable Apulian charm. © Borgo Egnazia

The 28 villas located at Le Ville are equipped with private gardens and pools - perfect for larger groups and those who want complete privacy. The spacious domiciles also feature a separate kitchen as well as a large dining room, a cosy living room, three bedrooms, an entertainment basement and a roof terrace.

Borgo Egnazia Villa

Ultimate luxury comes in the form of a private villa with its own pool and garden. © Borgo Egnazia

Food & Drinks

As a region, Puglia is known for fantastic down-to-earth Italian cuisine. With the fertile soil, high-quality vegetables are in abundance, plus everything the local sea has to offer. In Borgo Egnazia, guests have the opportunity to dine at seven excellent establishments that bring both traditional dishes and refined haute cuisine to the pretty colourful plates.

la frasca

Hearty breakfasts and classic Italian cuisine are enjoyed in the evening at the rustic La Frasca. © Giorgo Baroni

Michelin award-winning gourmet creations are served at Due Camini in the main building. Here, chef Domingo Schingaro is responsible, presenting the dishes of his childhood in Puglia in a refined new way.

Due Camini

Due Camini offers Michelin cuisine the Apulian way. © Borgo Egnazia

Health-conscious cuisine is at the forefront at La Calce, where high-quality creations are built on the principles of good nutrition. If you want to taste authentic Apulian cuisine, you should secure a table in the evening at La Frasca and at Mia Cucina. Cala Masciola, on the private beach of Borgo Egnazia, serves fresh fish and seafood, including "crudo" according to Apulian tradition. Il Cortilo awaits its guests in the open air with dishes that lend themselves to sharing and celebrate the get-together in Mediterranean style.

Fresh from the sea and handmade pasta: this is what summer in Puglia tastes like. © Borgo Egnazia

In the newly opened Bar del Portico, refreshing cocktails, regional wines and other delicious refreshments are always served with a smile. Even by the pool, you're never left high and dry, as the attentive staff is never too far away to keep you replenished at all times.

bar del portico

The bar in the main building shines - how could it be otherwise - in the delicate white of the design concept. © Giorgo Baroni

Service & Amenities

As you would expect from upscale establishments in Italy, the team spares no effort to read guests' every wish from their lips. However, the hospitality does not seem artificial at all - on the contrary: the staff is visibly proud of the outstanding hotel and the beautiful region. At dinner, the service staff is also available for recommendations, and you can tell that they are well-informed about all the dishes. Bicycles and e-bikes are available for excursions, and a private guide can also be booked. Tours to neighbouring cities can also be booked upon request.

festa del borgo

Apulian cordiality make up the service. The staff is always attentive, but at no time intrusive, and takes care of all the guests' concerns. © Borgo Egnazia 

Sport & Wellness

San Domenico Golf Club is justifiably one of the best in all of Italy. The 18-hole golf course in the midst of immaculate nature with a view of the Adriatic Sea makes golfers' hearts beat faster. The associated Club House also serves delicious meals for refreshment. In addition to golf, guests can also play tennis, take part in fitness classes, enjoy a variety of water sports, and visit the on-site gym.

san domenico golf

Whole in one: the golf course of the in front of the gates of Borgo Egnazia is an absolute hit. © Borgo Egnazia

For absolute relaxation, the Vair Spa is at your disposal. Talented therapists, naturopaths, and experts in the field of psychosomatics, aromatherapy and Kneipp hydrotherapy work here together with guests to make even the smallest treatment a unique experience. Thus, all Vair treatments and programs are understood as beautiful paths that lead to inner happiness through the care of the body and the awakening of the senses.

vair spa

The treatments in the soothing spa are also carried out with great care. © Borgo Egnazia

Family matter

The resort is a haven of happiness for all ages and also perfectly adapted to the needs of families. Available are Club Trullalleri (for children from 3-7), Marinai Junior Club (for children aged 8-12) and Youth Club Tarantari (for teenagers from 13-16). In addition to swimming and games, the clubs also offer excursions to the surrounding area and workshops to discover ancient traditions, such as baking and cooking classes, ceramics lessons, and scavenger and treasure hunts. In the restaurant Da Frisella, specially dedicated to children, every detail from the furniture to the buffets with natural, simple dishes is designed with the younger guests in mind.

borgo egnazia

Early practice... Here, the little ones are already learning how to lend a hand and prepare perfect homemade pasta. © Karel Balas

Tips from the editorial team

A visit to the Masseria Le Carrube in Ostuni should not be missed, because the vegetarian restaurant of the house serves meals that can only be described as poetry. We are still dreaming of the goat cheese cheesecake with fresh berries. At La Frasca restaurant, on the other hand, pizza lovers will be in seventh foodie heaven. Although the resort is very family-friendly, the pool by the main building is virtually child-free, making it an oasis of calm. If you're thinking of getting married in grand style with a gorgeous backdrop, this is the place to be. Hollywood stars Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have already said "I do" in the village hotel. To get here, you can fly into the airport in Bari, the capital of Puglia, or the airport in the smaller city of Brindisi, both of which are about an hour's drive from Borgo Egnazia.

borgo egnazia

An indescribable sight even at night: The Borgo tempts you to move to magical Puglia. © Jacob Sjöman

Borgo Egnazia
Strada Comunale Egnazia 72015, Savelletri BR, Italy
Tel: +39 080 225 5000
Price: double room from € 500,- per night

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