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These are the top five sights in Canada

Imposing natural spectacles and untouched wilderness: Canada provides us with impressive travel moments.

23 November 2021

Canada is the second largest country in the world and the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the state alone are about 5,000 kilometers apart. The country, which is almost as large as Europe, has an incredible number of holiday hotspots to offer, not only thanks to its surface area. In addition to outstanding hospitality and a certain charm, there are also many cultural highlights waiting for you to visit. You can find the top five destinations here.


1. Niagara Falls

Strictly speaking, Niagara Falls is divided into two waterfalls. Since the border between the Canadian province of Ontario and the US state of New York runs right by Niagara Falls, the American Falls are on the US side and the 49 m high Horseshoe Falls are in Canada. Niagara Falls can be admired from two observation towers. The Minolta observation deck rises 200 metres, while Skylon is even higher at 223 metres. However, the best way to experience Niagara Falls up close is from the water

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2. the Banff National Park

Canada's oldest national park is located in the southwest of the country. It was founded in 1885 and got its name from the small town of Banff, at whose gates it begins. Numerous sporting activities are available in Banff National Park. Besides hiking and mountain biking, climbing and horseback riding arealso offered. In many mountain lakes bathing and boating is also allowed.

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3. the Canadian Badlands

The desert in southern Alberta is truly one of Canada's special features. The surreal stone formations, called hoodoos, are bizarre. Between them are only a few small towns, often with no more than a few inhabitants. Besides the hoodoos, there are other spectacular panoramas in the moon-like landscape, such as the impressive Horseshoe Canyon.

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4. the CN Tower in Toronto

The CN Tower in Toronto's southern city rises an impressive 553 m into the Canadian sky. Until 2009, it was the tallest television tower in the world. Today, it is still considered the world's second tallest free-standing building. In addition, it is also home to restaurants and nightclubs, as well as several viewing platforms.

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5. newfoundland

Until 1992, the main source of income for the inhabitants of Newfoundland was fishing. Due to the ban on cod fishing, they switched to tourism. No wonder: The UNESCO World Heritage Site off the east coast of Canada enchants its visitors with vast forests, mighty inland fjords and a diverse wildlife. Nevertheless, until today the island is still rather a insider tip and therefore is not very crowded.

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