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24 February 2020

Right now is the best time to read! Make yourself comfortable at home and grab a good book. We have eight book tips for you, in case you already know your entire bookshelf by heart. And by ordering from domestic online stores, you'll also be supporting Austrian bookstores! At the end of the article there are two insider tips from us for bookworms ;)


Author: Gregory David Roberts

A world bestseller, which not only gives a lot of information about the country India, but should be a bible for every India traveller. 

Price: 13,40€ | Order here

Blue dahlia, black gold

Author: Daniel Metcalfe

A journey through Angola. A critical travelogue about grievances, hidden secrets and the history of the country.

Price: 12,99€ | Order here

It all started with a journey: Women tell the story

Author: Katja Büllmann

Often a journey brings a new turn in life and sometimes it leads to a new life. Travel journalist Katja Büllmann presents a wide variety of life stories - women who got to know themselves anew on fascinating journeys and found the strength for a turnaround.

Price: 11,40€ | Order here

Best Unique Hotels & Retreats

Author: Sebastian Schoellgen and Martin N. Kunz

This new volume in the Review Books series presents secret retreats around the world in extraordinary photographs.

Price: 82,90€ | Order here

The scent of bitter oranges

Author: Claire Hajaj

A family story about two generations of different origins that leaves no heart untouched.

Price: 12,30€ | Order here

The White Woman on the Green Bicycle

Author: Monique Roffey

A stirring story of a British couple who decide to emigrate to Trinidad. - Thrilling to the last sentence.

Price: 6,02€ (E-Book) | Order here

The man who wanted to be happy

Author: Laurent Gounelle

Julien is on holiday in Bali. Shortly before his departure, he spontaneously visits a spiritual healer, whose diagnosis changes his life from one second to the next.

Price: 8,20€ | Order here

God always travels Incognito

Author: Laurent Gounelle

Alan stands on the Eiffel Tower, ready to jump to end his life. Suddenly he feels a hand on his shoulder: an older man is able to stop him from making the jump.

Price: 9,30€ | Order here


A night on the bookshelf

As a bookworm, you often spend hours, even whole nights, devouring books. So how about spending the night in a bookshelf? "Book and Bed" is an Asian hotel concept where you spend the night directly in the bookshelf. For more information, go to: www.bookandbedtokyo.com


Travel Genius

In today's fast-paced world, people have less and less time for books. For this reason, podcasts are experiencing a huge trend. Bloomberg has launched Travel Genius, an interesting medium with topics related to travel. https://www.bloomberg.com/travel-genius

Picture credits: Seven Shooter via Unsplash; Gregory David Roberts; Daniel Metacalfe; Katja Büllmann; Sebastian Schoellgen and Martin N. Kunz; Claire Hajaj; Monique Roffey; Laurent Gounelle

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