The ten most beautiful beaches of Mallorca

Only within walking distance.

20 July 2020

Mallorca vacation in times of Corona: The holiday season on the favorite island of the Germans is starting again and every day more and more planes land in Palma. To protect locals and holidaymakers, a strict mask obligation applies on the Balearic Islands. In the open air outside of built-up areas and on the beach, however, locals and visitors are allowed to take off their mouth and nose protection. All the more reason to go in search of the most beautiful secluded bays on your holiday in Mallorca - including social distancing on the beach. Together with fincallorca, Mallorca expert and leading agent of fincas on the Balearic island, we reveal to you the top 10 beaches of Mallorca, all of which can be reached by car.


Cala en Tugores - Excursion through the dunes

The pristine beach Cala en Tugores lies in the middle of a dreamlike natural scenery. At the end of a U-shaped bay with crystal clear water, holidaymakers will find an oasis of peace and seclusion. The starting point for the hike to this bay is Cap de ses Salines, four kilometres away. The beautiful, wooded dune landscape already makes the way an experience. Not far from the beach is the Estany de ses Gambes lake, which is home to seabirds.

Cala en Tugores.

Cala Marmols - Paradise hideaway

Lonely, dreamy bays with crystal clear water and white sandy beaches are rare on Mallorca. The Cala Marmols in the very south of Mallorca is one of them. If you want to swim in this fantastic bay surrounded by 20-metre-high cliffs, you need to be good on foot. The hiking trail from Cap Ses Salines is over five kilometres long. The route along the rocky coast, which is partly vertical, leads through a magnificent landscape.

Cala Marmols.

Es Caragol - Dreamlike fine sandy beach

A one and a half kilometer hike through beautiful nature, past small bays, leads to the beautiful secluded beach Es Caragol. The jewel near Ses Salines offers a dreamlike fine white sandy beach. The deep blue sea here is very calm with only a few waves and falls flat. Also nudists like to visit the beach in a beautiful natural setting. Rocky outcrops border the bay, which is adjoined to the west by a small rocky island.

Es Caragol.


Cala Bota - Pristine natural beach

Holidaymakers heading for Cala Bota start from Calas de Mallorca on the coastal road in an easterly direction. After about one kilometre, a gravel path begins after a left-hand bend where there is a house. From here on, at the latest, it is a car-free zone. When the path forks, hikers take the left fork. The last stretch is a little steeper, but the path is worth it: On the lonely beach Cala Bota holidaymakers enjoy the view of the sea in peace and quiet, because hardly any people stray to this place.

Cala Bota.

Cala Varques - White sandy beach between green forests

In a beautiful location, surrounded by green forests, is the bay Cala Varques. This paradisiacal beach is nestled in unspoilt nature without any buildings. To reach it, drive from Porto Cristo on the Ma-4014 until a dirt road leaves it. Just before an iron gate, visitors park and from here follow the path on foot. After about a kilometre, they will reach the beautiful white sandy beach and enjoy a swim in the sea.

Cala Varques.

Cala Virgili - Along the barren coastal landscape

A short hike through the barren coastal landscape leads to the small beach covered with sand and gravel Cala Virgili near Manacor. The bay is completely undeveloped except for a small fisherman's cottage. The starting point is the town of Calas de Mallorca. In the second left-hand bend of the coastal road, a small gravel path leads off, where holidaymakers park their cars. If you follow the path for about one and a half kilometres and keep to the right, you will reach Cala Virgili, which is about 20 metres long.

Cala Vergili.

Playa de S'Arenalet - View to the Penya Rocha

After a four-kilometer hike along the beautiful coast, hikers reach the secluded beach Playa de S'Arenalet. It lies in the middle of a barren hilly landscape near Arta and has only one small hostel. There are often nice higher waves here - when the water is calmer, the rocks that surround the bay invite you to snorkel. From the beach you can see the red rock, Penya Rocha. The next secluded beach, Cala Font Celada, is just 500 metres away.

Playa de S'Arenalet.


Cala Feliu - Pristine sea inlet

At the end of a pristine sea inlet near Polenca lies the small beach Cala Feliuwhere a small torrent also flows. A green hilly landscape with steep cliffs bordering crystal clear waters surrounds the pristine sea inlet. To reach the beach, holidaymakers first start on the two-kilometre hike to Cala Murta. From there, an unmarked path suitable only for advanced hikers leads to Cala Feliu beach.

Cala Feliu.

Coll de Baix - Peninsula La Victoria

The bay of Alcúdia is very popular with Mallorca holidaymakers. Instead of the tourist beach, locals are drawn a few metres further to the peninsula of La Victoria, which adjoins directly to the north. Winding hiking trails lead through the peninsula, which is largely protected. Hiking fans can reach secluded bays such as the Coll de Baix. Here you can see the originality of Mallorca with pine forests and olive trees along rugged rocky coasts.

Coll de Baix.


Cala Egos - Wild and romantic coastline

In the west of Mallorca, near Andratx, lies a magnificent piece of coastline with a wild, romantic flair. The U-shaped bay Cala Egos celebrates quiet seclusion in front of shimmering blue waters. To get here, visitors follow the Calle de la Cala de Egos. But this road soon becomes little more than a poor gravel path, so day trippers park at the highest point at the latest. From here, a hike of about two kilometres leads to the beach.

Cala Egos.

Picture credits: Fincallorca

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