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These 4 Cities Are Worth a Winter City Trip

We present the most dazzling destinations for a city trip during winter, from vibrant New York to picturesque Salzburg.

13 January 2023

Bustling activity, shining lights - and finally an opportunity to wear the chicest winter outfits: There are cities that exude a very special magic on cold days.

New York City, USA

The gleaming streets of New York City. © GettyImages

No other city knows how to inspire like the brilliant Big Apple. When the first snow falls and the festive lights illuminate the already radiant streets, the city shows its most beautiful side. No matter how many times you've been here, New York always has an ace up its sleeve.

Vienna, Austria

The historical city of Vienna. © Alex Halada

Vienna's imperial heritage stands out at every corner of its historic city center, but the Austrian capital has much more to offer than its imposing past. More and more, the metropolis on the Danube is emerging as Europe's newest trend destination - and also provides unforgettable experiences during winter.

Stockholm, Sweden

The snow-covered Stockholm. © Marcus Hjelm

The Swedish capital is a center for new trends, music and design and is particularly worth seeing in the winter months, as the usual rush is absent. So you can indulge in the innovative city calmly - and enjoy the snowy charm undisturbed.

Salzburg, Austria

In the middle of Salzburg's city center, the Hohen Salzburg Fortress towers. © iStock

Fairytale winter dreams come true in the city of Mozart. The musical mecca of Salzburg is almost kitschy and idyllic at this time of year. But not only the classics know how to convince: The city surprises with a number of modern restaurants, dreamy hotels and cultural highlights for every taste.

This article appeared in the Falstaff TRAVEL issue Winter 2022/23.

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