Diese Reise-Podcasts erleichtern uns das Fernweh
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These travel podcasts ease our wanderlust

Close your eyes and dream...

28 April 2021

Currently, there is probably nothing better than dreaming of a faraway place where time seems to stand still and you forget everything around you. As long as travel is not yet possible without restrictions, we can put ourselves off with the travel stories of others and perhaps even gather one or two inspirations for our next holiday. In the meantime, there are countless travel podcasts on Spotify and the like, which can help our Wanderlust alleviate.

Here is a selection of five podcasts in which travellers talk about their adventurous experiences and moments of happiness.

1. off the path

The two vagabonds Sebastian Canaves and Line Dubios share a common passion: travelling. Together they have already recounted countless adventures and unforgettable moments, which they record and share on their blog on Instagram and in the form of a podcast. "Off the Path" tells the story of two travelers who never tire of exploring the big wide world. In their van, they explore areas of the world that are off the typical tourist trail. At the same time, they give the listeners valuable insider tips and serve as inspiration when you don't know where to go next.

2. world tour - the travel podcast

Since holidays in foreign countries are currently still a bit difficult, Adrian Klie and Christoph Streicher provide all listeners with stories of their travel experiences so far. From experiences on the night train to Portugal to harvesting coconuts in Vietnam - the two guys exude an irrepressible love of life and demonstrate a real sense of humor. And the best thing about their podcast: they describe how they always manage to visit numerous places and cities around the world with only 30 vacation days a year.

Globetrotters have plenty to do even with 30 vacation days a year. Credit: Ishan Seefromthesky / Unsplash

3rd Backpack Stories Podcast

Carla Vollert enjoys life with all its freedoms. She lives in no fixed place and is busy discovering the world with her backpack on her back. She regularly documents her experiences on a blog, on Instagram and in her podcast. There, numerous guests also have their say, talking about unique travel destinations and insider tips. One thing is very important to "Carla Fernweh", as she is affectionately called by her friends, on all her trips: sustainability. She also shares that in her podcast.

4th Gourmet Tours Podcast

What's better than traveling and discovering new cultures? That's right: travel, discover new cultures and immerse yourself in culinary experiences at the same time. This is exactly what Betina Fischer and Burkhardt Siebert have made their mission. Because the two of them take us with them into a world full of pleasures. From the finest wines from the south, extraordinary dishes and Icelandic gin; the two travel enthusiasts have already stopped off in so many regions of the world on their gourmet tours, where you could also just stop by for a meal. The podcast definitely makes you hungry for new dishes, but also for travelling.

5. pure life! On the road

Heike Burch gives in her podcast insights into the different facets of travel. From extensive hiking routes, to a bus trip, a cruise or a road trip with the camper. She is accompanied by her partner Gerd. Together they describe their most beautiful moments and adventurous experiences. As a listener, you have the feeling that you are there live.

Exploring the world together: The podcasters talk about their memorable moments. Credit: capturing the human heart / Unsplash

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