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These travel faux pas should be avoided

There are a few things you should definitely look out for when vacationing in certain countries!

24 September 2021

These are simple things that may be part of the daily routine for us, but are a real no-go in other countries. For example, the question of whether you should tip or what food manners apply.

So that you are well prepared for your next holiday and don't put your foot in your mouth, we have summarised some travel faux pas here.


Italy is known for its excellent cuisine. And that's probably why the inhabitants are so precise when it comes to food. As a tourist, you are quickly unmasked. Because at the latest when you order a cappuccino in the mid-morning, everybody knows. In Italy, one drinks this delicious caffeine drink only and exclusively for breakfast. After that, espresso is the order of the day or night!

Please don't eat the spaghetti in Italy with a spoon. Credit: Josh Hild / Unsplash

And while we're on the subject of culinary arts: When you order pasta at a restaurant, you should never order a spoon to go with it, let alone twirl spaghetti on a spoon. Real Italians do this at the edge of the plate. You should also never eat pizza starting from the middle, but either take it in your hand or cut it into typical pizza pieces. It is also considered particularly rude to "refine" seafood dishes with Parmesan cheese.


Japan is already quite a bit further away than, say, Italy. Therefore, completely different traditions apply here. If you enter a room - such as a temple or the home of a Japanese - you should definitely take off your shoes first.

Important rule in Japan: take off your shoes! Credit: Lisa / Pexels

And also tips are handled differently than in Europe. Because while we like to tip 10 percent, in Japan that's considered a big insult. Both giving and receiving is dishonorable in Japan. Therefore, it is better to avoid tipping, even if it is only meant politely.


Food culture also plays a big role in China. If you eat your plate completely empty, you could quickly cause great embarrassment. Because here an empty plate means that one has not become full.

If you enjoyed the food, you should leave a little leftover on your plate in China. Credit: Marta Markes / Unsplash

But if you leave a full plate, it means you're full and it was tasty. Another faux pas: sticking chopsticks vertically into the rice. This is only done during funeral ceremonies to pay respect to the dead.


If you've ever taken a bus in Australia, you'll probably have noticed that passengers thank the bus driver when they get off. No one leaves the vehicle without a "thank you". If you don't do that, you are immediately considered rude.

A friendly "Thank You" makes the bus driver's day. Credit: Herson Rodriguez / Unsplash

And let's face it, it doesn't take much effort to just say "thank you" and express your appreciation to the bus driver.


While in our latitudes one usually shows one's affection or delight when patting others - especially children - on the head, in Thailand this is an absolute no-go! Because in Buddhist countries, the head is considered the seat of the soul and is therefore also considered sacred. 

In Thailand, you should never grab someone's head! Credit: Evan Krause / Unsplash

So if you touch someone's head, it's considered a serious insult in Thailand.

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