Shipra Khanna
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Celebrity chef Shipra Khanna reveals her Delhi hotspots

The charming restaurateur appreciates the Indian capital for its good food and many cultural highlights. In our interview, Shipra Khanna reveals her favorite places in Delhi.

November 2, 2022

Celebrity chef with taste

Celebrity chef Shipra Khanna rose to fame in 2012 when she won Master Chef India and subsequently appeared in a number of other cooking shows. In 2017, she opened her own restaurant, The Darzi Bar & Kitchen, in New Delhi, which has become a real hotspot in the Indian capital with its relaxed cuisine and lively nightlife.

Shipra Khanna

From TV to New Delhi's gastronomic scene: Celebrity Chef Shipra Khanna is a chef with style. © provided

How would you describe Delhi to someone who has never been there – and what do you yourself love most about the city?
It's a beautiful, historic city with tons of charm, there's always something to discover here. As a foodie, I love the food scene – no matter where you go, you'll always find great Indian food. It's also a paradise for fashionistas: you can find everything from traditional garb to designer labels.

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What's your favorite neighborhood in Delhi?
I love exploring old neighborhoods with regional charm, but I also love the luxurious areas of New Delhi. There are so many markets and malls – a wholly modern metropolis.

Do you have any insider tips for travelers? What's typically not on a tourist's radar?
Make sure not to miss the Chor Bazaar and the Janpath Market, where you'll find beautiful fabrics and countless other treasures.

Janpath Market Delhi

The stylish chef likes to spend her free time treasure hunting. One of her favorite locations? Janpath Market. © Shutterstock

What's your favorite way to spend your weekends in Delhi?
I actually like going to the mall, preferably the DLF Cyber Hub or Horizon Plaza. They're such lively places where you can have a lot of fun. There are also countless great places to eat there.

What do you do with friends who are visiting?
I usually take them to the National Gallery of Modern Art and to eat at India Gate. Afterwards we might take a stroll at the famous Connaught Place.

Connaught Place Delhi

Connaught Place in New Delhi is a popular location with many stores and restaurants. © Shutterstock

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