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Is This the Latest Foodie Hotspot in Milan?

With Beefbar Milan, Riccardo Giraudi - also known as "Beefboy" - is now bringing his successful gastro concept to northern Italy.

April 11, 2023

He's not a chef - and yet it's hard to imagine the international gastronomic scene without Riccardo Giraudi. Because the clever businessman, who sees himself as a "restaurant creator," opened his first restaurant in Monaco over fifteen years ago. And with great success. Today, his portfolio includes over 30 restaurants around the world. Many of them have been awarded Michelin stars. But each one of them is excellent. Now one of his concepts, the Beefbar, is also coming to northern Italy. It is already considered a new foodie hotspot in Milan.

Francis Amiand Beefbar Milan

New foodie hotspot in Milan © Francis Amiand

Beefbar at Portrait Milano
Corso Venezia, 11, 20121 Milano MI, Italy
Tel.: +39 02 5003 7500

Meat as a religion

Giraudi is an importer of the most exclusive meats in the world. He is following in the footsteps of his father. He founded the family business around exceptional meat more than 40 years ago. Since 2005, the junior has been rethinking gastronomy in his beef bars. They are known around the globe. Even in Brazil, Mexico, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong, people indulge in beef. 

Beefbar Milan

Noble in the showcase © Francis Amiand

Open for lunch and dinner, Giraudi's team serves Kobe beef, 45-day-aged prosciutto and Angus tacos, or baby kebabs with Wagyu and Angus beef. The focus is undeniably on animal delicacies. But vegetarians will also find plenty on the menu. For example, "Pinsa al Tartufo," avocado hummus, and delicacies made from meat substitutes are tempting. 

Temple of pleasure

The concept is very well received internationally. The well thought-out design of the restaurants certainly plays a role in this. As a rule, they present themselves chic and with a twinkle in the eye. Eclectic styles meet cheerfully without stifling what plays the main role here. That's right: meat. In Milan, the Beefbar has found its home in the new Boutiquehotel Portrait Milano.


Emil Hubert, Christophe Poyet © Francis Amiand

A combination that fits. After all, the building was once a seminary. Where prayers echoed through the corridors from 1565 to 1980, it is now an excellent place to spend a vacation. And now a carnivore mecca has been created in the former chapel. Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet designed the interior. The two know the Beefbar inside out. After all, they were the ones who designed the first branch in Monaco.

Around the foodie hotspot in Milan

They integrated the Beefbar thoughtfully into the place that had been forgotten for 500 years. There are alcoves under the spectacularly high ceiling, and the kitchen is open. Original Italian terrazzo adds a sense of seamlessness.

Portrait Milano

Piazza del Quadrilatero © Portrait Milano

The elegance of Piazza del Quadrilatero in the heart of the city continues here. Because the imposing square, the connection between Corso Venezia and Via Sant'Andrea, offers numerous elegant boutiques on its more than 2,800 square meters, in addition to the Beefbar. It is architecturally impressive all around. The city's most important sights are just a stone's throw away.

Beefbar at Portrait Milano
Corso Venezia, 11, 20121 Milano MI, Italy
Tel.: +39 02 5003 7500

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