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Five tips for the first trip in 2021

Holiday dreams come true again

4 June 2021

The Holiday season 2021 is approaching and with it many questions about test regulations, entry requirements and short-term cancellation options. The adventure travel specialist Ameropa keeps track and clarifies which destinations are particularly popular now, what should definitely be considered when preparing and how holidaymakers can get the most out of their time away with a flexible programme.

To avoid stress, prepare well for the holidays. Credit: Steve Bidmead / Pixabay

1. keep track of vaccination and testing requirements

Since mid-May, entry into many popular holiday destinations has been simplified. People who have been recovering from a Corona disease for no more than six months, or who have been fully vaccinated, are basically treated the same as people who have tested negative. This also eliminates the quarantine requirement that was necessary when returning from some vacation destinations. Whether tested, vaccinated or recovered: Holidaymakers should continue to follow the distance rules and observe the valid mask rules, for example in restaurants or on public transport. Contactless services, such as when checking in at the hotel or paying, provide additional security.

2. select a familiar target

On the wish list of many vacationers for their first trip after lockdown: a nearby destination with lots of outdoor opportunities and a change of scenery from everyday life. And yet, for many, it's important to keep overexertion to a minimum and therefore also head for familiar holiday destinations. In Germany, inland destinations such as the North Sea and Baltic Sea, the Bavarian Alps and Lake Constance are particularly in demand. City breaks, such as to Dresden, Freiburg or Hamburg, are also popular with many travel fans, as they score points for their parks and varied surroundings. And Switzerland, too, meets the wishes of many holidaymakers with rail hiking and rail adventure trips such as the Bernina Express and the Glacier Express. Holidaymakers from Austria also take advantage of the domestic travel hotspots and spend their holidays on the mountain or at the numerous idyllic lakes.

Dresden can score points with holidaymakers for its variety of public spaces. Credit: Pixabay

3. good preparation pays off

In order to enjoy the anticipation of the holiday carefree, it is worthwhile to start planning in good time and to remain as flexible as possible. This year, more than ever, the motto is: book early! The expected travel rush is already ensuring limited capacities at popular destinations. 

4. breaking new ground

Even if not all amusement parks and attractions are open at the holiday destination and the favourite restaurant only offers to-go: It's the less-than-perfect experiences that often make trips unforgettable, so it's a good idea to stay flexible and have an alternative program up your sleeve. Spontaneous bike tours on rented e-bikes, extended hiking tours with a snack in your backpack or a city stroll with digital audio guides promise recreation in the fresh air and are guaranteed not to leave you bored. Holidaymakers don't have to do without culinary highlights either, because food and drinks, which many restaurants deliver or offer to take away, can also be enjoyed leisurely on a lakeside promenade or as a picnic in the park.

Holidaymakers can take a deep breath and recharge their batteries on cycling and hiking tours, for example along the Rhine or on the popular Elbe Cycle Path. Credit: Pixabay

5. keep guidelines in mind

Once you have decided on a destination, you should take into account the current entry requirements. Depending on the destination, the guidelines can vary greatly and also change quickly. Countries such as Austria and the Czech Republic, for example, use the ECDC map for travel areas as a guide when deciding what requirements holidaymakers need to meet when entering the country. Italy has introduced a digital "green passport," for instance, that grants freedom of journey to individuals who've been completely vaccinated or who've recovered from Corona. Ameropa has the most important info and links to official websites for popular destinations here clearly summarized.

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