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Insider Tip Mongolia: Why the Nomadic Country Is Worth a Trip

For an adventurous escape, head to Mongolia. Visitors in search of excitement will definitely get their money's worth in the last nomadic country.

21 January 2023


Mongolia captivates with endless expanse and fascinating nature. © Shutterstock

Untouched nature, vast landscapes – you probably haven't put Mongolia on your bucket list. Yet the country, which is geographically bordered by Russia and China, has a lot to offer. The endless expanses, the traditional architecture and the many different colors and impressions paired with an incomparable history around Genghis Khan are fascinating and overwhelming at the same time.

Insider tip Mongolia: 5 highlights

Overwhelming nature

Waterfalls, deserts, vast meadows and forests, plus the snow-capped mountains on the horizon: if you like overwhelming nature, Mongolia is definitely the right place for you. The vast, partly untouched steppes invite you to dream and reflect. On camel treks you can discover the most beautiful corners of the country. 

Mongolia also has a lot to offer in terms of wildlife. In desert regions, for example, wild Prezwalski horses, herds of sheep and goats can be observed. The steppe is also home to ibex and antelope, and in the mountains snow leopards. 

Geheimtipp Mongolei

Camels in the desert regions of Mongolia © Unsplash

Nomadic culture

Mongolia is the last country in the world where nomadic culture is still very important. Everywhere in the country you can find small round tent villages, shielded from civilization, where people live a simple and peaceful life with their herds of animals. The so-called yurts (typical Mongolian tents) are flexible and the perfect accommodation for the herds. The nomads are not sedentary, but adapt to the seasons and choose their temporary location according to the weather conditions. Important to know: Mongolia experiences temperature differences of up to 90 degrees. Travel agencies also take advantage of this culture and offer overnight stays in a typical yurt or in the vastness of the steppe.


The famous yurt (tents) of the nomads in Mongolia © Unsplash

The coldest capital in the world

If you don't mind the cold, you should visit the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar. The average temperature here is -0.8 °C. Especially in the winter months, it's not uncommon to experience double-digit subzero temperatures, but there's almost no precipitation from November to March.

Since almost half of the country's population lives in Ulaanbaatar, museums and quite a few bars and restaurants have settled here. The capital is not only much livelier than the rest of the country, it can also keep up with European cities. The city lets you experience a wholly different side of Mongolia. 

Geheimtipp Mongolei

Ulaanbaatar, the capital, is the coldest capital in the world. © Shutterstock

Colorful festivities

Celebrations are sacred to the Mongolians, so you can expect festivities in abundance. Particularly noteworthy is the Tsagaan Saar, the New Year or spring festival at the beginning of each year, which is accompanied by colorful processions and church services. But festivals such as the Ice Festival in Lake Chövsgöl are also not to be missed. You won't experience celebrations like this anywhere else in the world.

Mongolisches Fest

Colorful and exuberant festivals take place throughout the year. © Shutterstock

Mongolian cuisine

The countries culinary specialties are flavorful and fresh. Since many nomads keep their own herds of animals, it's relatively easy for them to obtain animal ingredients, which they process into delicious dishes. The perhaps best-known dish is called buuz and consists of steamed meat-filled dumplings that are eaten by hand. Borts, dried meat sticks from cows or camels, are also widespread.

Mongolische Küche

Insider tip Mongolia: Buuz is the name of the national dish of the nomadic country. © Shutterstock

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