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5 Things You Should Definitely Bring on Vacation This Fall

With the anticipation of the upcoming holiday, packing your suitcase usually becomes an annoying side activity. Here you'll find out what you really should not forget!

25 October 2021

Whether a trip to the south, to the mountains or a city: you should be well equipped to enjoy your time to the fullest and avoid annoying errands whilst on vacation. That's why you should think about what you need to pack before you go on holiday. With our five tips, you have a little checklist ready beforehand.

1. sunscreen

A often forgotten companion on any holiday is probably sunscreen. However, good UV protection is not only a prerequisite for beach holidays, but also for mountain or ski tours. Even in cities, the intense light of the autumn sun can lead to nasty sunburns or even a sun allergy. Therefore: A small tube of sunscreen should always be in your hand luggage!

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2.rain jacket

Even on a relaxing wellness holiday with spa & co. you can feel like going for a walk. Annoying when the weather doesn't play along and you don't have the right clothes. But with a light rain jacket you are always perfectly equipped. In most cases, it can even be folded very small and thus fits into any piece of luggage, no matter how small it is. For a holiday in the mountains, the rain jacket is a MUST and should definitely consist of a more resistant material.

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3.power bank

Who doesn't know it? After hours of touring through the city or on the mountain, you want to take a nice photo, but your phone battery is empty. If a powerbank is on your packing list, this won't happen again! This gadget is especially important when every second counts: When hiking or skiing, you should always have a power bank with you just in case.

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4.first aid kit

We stick to the motto "you never know": A small first aid kit can be a real saviour in an emergency. In case of minor accidents, you are always prepared and have a bandage or a plaster at hand. This way you save yourself the hassle of asking questions and a small kit can even be packed in your jacket pocket. Especially on a trip with children, a first aid kit is a must-have!

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5.bath slippers

At the latest in the hotel you get annoyed if they are not packed: We are talking about slippers! On wellness or beach holidays, the comfortable shoes are travel essentials, but also any other kind of holiday is more comfortable with slippers in your luggage. Whether in the house for breakfast and co. or in the evening, in the hotel room after showering - in your luggage these shoes are worth their weight in gold!

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