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Years of hands-on experience make Dominik Babel and his team of Elegant Travel experts for the island paradise Maldives.

24 June 2021

The islands on the Maldives have held a special fascination for years. But what makes them so attractive this year in particular?

On the one hand, of course, it is the nature and biodiversity, but also the safety. The "One Island, One Resort" principle and the prevailing hygiene measures make it one of the safest holiday destinations this year.

Speaking of safe destinations: Are there any special
health concepts?

Guests have to undergo several tests - starting with the test at home, to the fever measurement and testing on arrival. The Maldives are now also very far with their vaccination progress. Resort staff are 100 per cent vaccinated, and some resorts also offer vaccinations for arriving guests. This increases safety enormously.

How do you find your perfect island?

This is where our experience plays an important role. We ask customers which hotels they usually like to travel to and what is important to them on a holiday - based on this, we make suggestions based on the USPs of our hotels. Do they want to travel with their family or simply enjoy time with their partner? The more precisely we know the wishes, the more individually we can advise our customers and find their holiday paradise together.

What's new in the Maldives?

A lot! Whereas in recent years resorts were run by foreign general managers, now the local population is actively involved and opportunities for training and development are offered. There are now even some local GMs in luxury resorts who are setting a tremendous example. The hotels are actively striving for the future of tourism in the Maldives and ensuring that know-how is constantly increasing and that skilled workers are not only "imported" but also come from their own ranks.

"What is the name of your paradise? Together we'll find out."

Any news on the wellness front?

Here, the movement goes in the direction of medical health and no longer just "classic" wellness. The Maldives are known for relaxed holidays and there are only few medical spas like in Europe or Asia. A current example is the resort "Joali", which brings a holistic and medical way of health care to the Maldives with the "Joali Being". In the future, the offers will include long-term therapies and long-term stays, so that guests can do something for their health in the long run and enjoy the island paradise Maldives at the same time!

Does this future look sustainable?

Definitely. We are not only talking about renewable energies and recycling - it is also about making a sustainable and authentic change. In addition to training tourism professionals, the resorts in the Maldives also emphasize the education of the general population: schools are built and financed that teach the idea of nature conservation from an early age and also take steps towards a sustainable future on the islands of the locals.

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This article appeared in the Falstaff TRAVEL issue Winter 2020.

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