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Culinary seduction in autumn: 5 city trips for true connoisseurs

Those who enjoy culinary enrichment will also find what they are looking for outside of beautiful Austria. For true foodies, we've taken a closer look at the five best cities for a culinary trip.

21 October 2021

Warm vino evenings, dishes prepared with love and a wonderful ambience: Those who think of a little time out like to indulge in romantic daydreaming, in which good food is indispensable. When the culinary options of the chosen holiday destination are a deciding factor for booking a trip, then you get your money's worth especially in autumn. Many fruits and vegetables are currently in season and therefore the culinary experience tastes particularly fresh.

1. Dijon - the pleasure capital of the Burgundy region

The beautiful landscape of Burgundy casts a magical spell over you. Those who indulge in culinary delights here will never want to leave. Burgundy is also known for its excellent wines, as some of the most famous vineyards in the world are located here. In addition, the French cuisine is known for its attention to detail: In most restaurants, the meal is offered as a two- or three-course menu, and the price usually already includes wine.

Romantic flair in Dijon - the culinary city of France. © Pixabay/ Pexels

2. Tapas Tour in San Sebastián

In the past, Catalonia was named the gastronomic capital of the world, and it has a special flair. Here, the small Spanish appetizers known to gourmets are served, which are called "pintxos" in Catalonia. Stuffed olives, potato wedges and small paellas are on every menu here - a dream for every tapas tour. The increasingly crowded streets promise a summery holiday flair of a special class.


Lots of small bites will satisfy even the hungriest of appetites. © Pixabay/ Pix3853

3. vino and amore in Perugia

Nothing beats the taste of the regional olive oil of the province of Umbria! But not only the "liquid gold" makes the hearts of connoisseurs beat faster, but also the great selection of pasta variations and the seasonal truffle speak for a trip to the green heart of Italy! In autumn, despite the cooler temperatures, you can still spend a warm evening or two in the town's guest gardens.

Pasta and truffles: it's peak culinary season in Perguia. © Pixabay/ ayindeabdulmajeed44

4. the chocolate capital Bruges

A dream come true for those with a sweet tooth! Just 100 kilometres from Brussels, you'll find the true capital of Belgium: the charming town of Bruges has more than 50 chocolate factories. For those who prefer a savoury treat, Bruges is also the place to be. French fries and waffles of the best quality are available on almost every corner. Well-brewed Belgian beer is best enjoyed in one of the city's many restaurants.

Night cats beware! In Bruges, chocolate dreams come true. © Pixabay/ ssalae

5. berlin: multicultural enjoyment in the heart of germany

While Berlin is mostly known for its party scene, the German capital also has a lot to offer in terms of culinary delights: The world famous Currywurst is definitely worth the temptation! By the way, Berlin has the best kebab shops and trumps with culinary diversity. Because one thing is for sure: The food offer is just as colorful and international as the inhabitants of the multicultural city.

The classic: Curry sausage is a must on a visit to Berlin. © Pixabay/ planet_fox

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