Lake Louise by Stephanie Venier

"A lively place between fairytale castles and rustic huts".

18 February 2020

Stephanie Venier

She's currently living in the fast lane - and doing it in style. Ever since Stephanie Venier won the downhill silver medal in St. Moritz last winter and finished fifth in the Super-G World Cup, the 23-year-old has been one of the top stars on the international ski circuit. In addition to her top sporting achievements, the likeable Tyrolean is a self-confessed fashion victim, which has earned her the nickname "Miss Gucci" among team colleagues and fans.
True to her life's motto "Only those who dare can achieve something", Stephi likes to try out new things, and not just in fashion: On her Instagram account, she shows over 18,000 followers not only pictures of her training, but also leisure time pics from snorkelling holidays in Egypt or a climbing trip in the Tyrolean mountains. As a family man, the athlete enjoys her time at home to the fullest. "I love it when I have my family around me. There are special moments every day." Friends describe Stephi as determined, but also fond of animals and positive are attributes that fit well with the down-to-earth ski star. Who does she personally admire the most? "People who start every day with optimism". That shouldn't be difficult for Stephi in the coming winter season either!

Lake Louise

What do you need to be a professional skier? Physical discipline, willingness to take risks and determination - of course, without these attributes nothing works in sport. But another quality is at least as important, thanks to which I can really enjoy my job: The desire to discover new things. In order to achieve a top ranking in the big races in winter, I'm also on the road almost all the time during the rest of the year. That means I get to do my job where others go on vacation. What could be better?

The place I love to return to every year is Lake Louise in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. This is where the World Cup traditionally kicks off - and it's a great place to ski. On the total of 17 square kilometers of the Ski resort there is practically a guarantee of snow and the slopes are perfectly groomed. But it is also beautiful at the foot of the mountains, because of the glacier water the lake is turquoise and clear between the snow-covered mountains. To enjoy this unique atmosphere also after the sport, you should definitely spend a night in the Fairmont Chateau right on Lake Louise in Alberta's Banff National Park. Not for nothing is this place designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Nature and silence - that's all I need to completely switch off. That's why, for once, there's no travel playlist from me.

Eating together: there's nothing better after a day on the slopes. Photo: Noel Hendrickson
There's guaranteed to be something for everyone at the Post Hotel. Photo: Allan Rosenberg

In addition to sports and relaxation, I particularly appreciate traveling that you can always get to know new lifestyles and unfamiliar food. Especially after a great day on the slopes, the hunger is finally big. Besides the seven (!) restaurants in Fairmount Chateau, which are definitely worth a visit, I would like to recommend another location: The - by Canadian standards - nearby Lake Moraine is for me the most extraordinary place in the whole area. Convenient that you can also have a Canadian dinner here! In the Moraine Lake Lodge in typical log cabin style, there is great fish, but also bison steaks and delicious desserts.

If you are in the area of Lake Louise in summer, I have an insider tip for you: On the opposite lake side of the Fairmont Chateau, several hiking trails start, one of which takes about two hours to the "Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse". On the way to this log cabin, built in 1924, you may be lucky enough to spot marmots, squirrels or mountain goats - but beware, grizzly bears are also sometimes spotted in this area! The tea house also has an adventurous charm: In the rustic hut, fresh tea and small meals are cooked daily on gas stoves, because there is neither electricity nor running water. Instead, you have an incredible view of the glaciers after which the tea house is named. Lake Louise is simply extraordinarily beautiful in all facets - a must-see!

"I get to do my job where others go on vacation."

Hiker's dream: the view of Lake Moraine is almost too good to be true. Photo: Paul Zizka

"The teahouse has adventurous charm: there is no electricity or running water here. "

Year-round, the Canadian Rockies area has plenty to offer. Photo: Post Hotel

My thoughts on Lake Louise

I love this place because...

I can combine my job with a vacation here.

When I'm in Lake Louise, I love to...

To completely let myself go in nature and just enjoy the silence and spaciousness.

The perfect evening in Lake Louise ends with...

a typical Canadian dinner at Moraine Lake Lodge.

What is a must see in Lake Louise?

The view from the top of a mountain. Whether on skis or hiking boots, Lake Luise and the surrounding area are best admired from a mountain.

The most extraordinary place in Lake Louise is...

Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse - the two-hour hike is worth it for the glimpse of fantastic mountain wildlife alone!

Your favorite travel destination summed up in one sentence:

A paradise for hiking and skiing enthusiasts!

The best hotels

Fairmont Chateau
Post Hotel

The best restaurants

Moraine Lake Lodge
Lake Louise Station


Hike to the Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse


"Nature and silence - that's all I need to completely switch off."

A look into my life

It inspires me:

The desire to discover new things.

How would a good friend describe you?

determined, animal-loving and positive.

Her lifestyle in 5 words:

uncomplicated, fashion victim, open, cheerful.

Her philosophy of life:

Only those who dare can achieve something.

What else should we know about you?

I admire people who start each day with optimism.

Traveling means to you:

Always learning about new lifestyles and unfamiliar foods.

Photo credit: Paul Zizka Photography, Noel Hendrickson, Reuben Krabbe for Banff&Lake Louise Tourism; Allan Rosenberg for Post Hotel

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