Kaum ist der Karneval vorbei, lädt Spaniens drittgrößte Stadt zum Fallas Festival. Valencias Frühlingsfest punktet mit haushohen Figuren und Feuerwerken, Knallkörpern und kostümierten Falleras – und wird mit diesen 10 Reisetipps zum feurigen Erfolg.
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Las Fallas in Valencia: 10 travel tips for Europe's loudest festival

Las Fallas scores with house-sized figures and fireworks, firecrackers and costumed fallers - and will be a fiery success with these 10 travel tips.

February 25, 2022

When Valencians take their costumes out of the closets, place colorful, sometimes grotesque-satirical and huge ninots all over the city, you know it's that time again: March is here - and with it Las Fallas. It is undoubtedly Spain, and probably also Europe's loudest festival.

Die Mascleta in Valencia - ein echter Knaller

Fire, flame and color: Valencians celebrate Las Fallas. Here at the big mascletà in City Hall Square. © Shutterstock

Key Facts:

When? 01 to 19 March, peak between 15 and 19 March.
Where? Valencia, Valencian Country, Spain
Highlights? Costumed parades, fireworks, impressive statues (ninots).
Entry? 3G rule (Vaccinated, Convalescent or Tested). Secondary vaccinations are considered invalid after 250 days. Entry by air or sea: Online registration required.

Las Fallas, a fiery spring festival

Valencia's Spring Festival is held in honor of Joseph, the patron saint of carpenters, from March 1 to 19 in the city's 40 neighborhoods. Similar to the Carnival numerous associations organize the Comisiones Falleras, the construction of the figures that are burned on the last day.

Why carpenters? Well, in the origins it was these same carpenters who burned leftover pieces of wood from their workshop, called parots, on the night of March 19. Over the years, these pieces of wood were humanized into artistic ninots. 

Die Ninots in valencia zu den Fallas

The big ninots bathe the streets of Valencia in bright colors. © Shutterstock

The Comisiones construct their sculptures, some of which are as tall as houses, from a wide variety of combustible materials and often caricature in a satirical way social and political events as well as people in public life. So here you already meet the one or other politician caricature ...

10 travel tips for Las Fallas

In the hustle and bustle of Valencia's streets, between colorful ninots, costumed falleras, tapas stands, music bands or competitions, it's easy to lose track of what's going on. These 10 tips will help travelers experience the Spanish spring festival in all its glory.

The Comisiones Falleras in their traditional costume in the streets of Valencia. © Shutterstock

Tip #1: Discover the love of firecrackers

When? 01 - 19 March
What? Mascletà
Where? All of Valencia, center point: City Hall Square, Plaça de l'Ajuntament, 46002 Valencia.

"Senyor pirótecnic pot començar la mascletà!"*: The Mascletà is the festival of firecrackers, intoxicating colors and pyrotechnics that provides deafening noise every day from 14:00 in the Town Hall Square. So visitors should be prepared for it to get loud. Tip against the noise: It's best to open your mouth and/or cover your ears with scarves!

Good to know: Valencians love their fireworks and firecrackers and like to throw them in front of the ninots in the neighborhoods - even at night. So if you find yourself on the Costa de Azahar in March, you really should be in the mood to celebrate. 

*"Mr. Fireworks Master, let the firecracker show begin!"

Relaxation and tranquility? When the Fallas invade Valencia, it gets loud, colorful and fiery. © Shutterstock

Tip #2 : Walking through Valencia

When? 01 - 19 March
What? Fallas in the neighborhoods
Where? All Valencia 

From the beginning of March, it's worth taking a stroll and wandering through the neighborhoods of Valencia. Around every corner you'll discover impressive ninots. There are competitions, fireworks, small events and concerts of traditional music bands. 

If you want to cover longer distances, it is best to use public transport - cars are not recommended in the traffic chaos of the Spanish city.

A stroll through Valencia reveals the street festivals of the Fallas - as well as the city's charming architecture. © Shutterstock (top), Shuishi Pan (bottom)

Tip #3 : The choice of "ninot indultat"

When? March 16
What? Plantà 
Where? All Valencia

Each neighborhood shows its ninots in different colors and forms - whether colorful, grotesque, stylish, comical, satirical or artistic. Often the figures seem like comic characters turned real. Among all the works that will be completed by the morning of March 16, the "Ninot indultat" will be chosen. It is the only sculpture that does not find a fiery end and ends up in the Fallas Museum!

More than impressive: the ninots of the Comisiones Falleras. © Shutterstock

Tip #4: The Falleras in their costumes

When? March 17
What? removals
Where? All of Valencia, center point: City Hall Square, Plaça de l'Ajuntament, 46002 Valencia.

An absolute highlight of the Fallas is the big parade on March 17. The Comisiones march through the streets of Valencia in traditional Valencian costumes to receive their respective prizes at the town hall square. The event is best attended in the city center. Especially beautiful: the dresses of the female falleras.

The costumes of Valencians and Valencian women are a real eye-catcher. © Shutterstock

Tip #5: Look at the sky at midnight

When? March 15 - 18
What? Fireworks 
Where? All Valencia

New Year's Eve is a star-spangled show against the fireworks of the Fallas: For four days, the night sky over Valencia shines in a bright blaze of color. The highlight is the famous "Nit del Foc" in the early morning hours of March 18. It's worth looking up!

Color and fireworks during the Fallas in Valencia. © Roven Images

Tip #6: Flowers for the giant virgin

When? March 17-18
What? Flower show
Where. Virgin Square - Plaça de la Verge, 4, 46001 Valencia

A fragrant experience: At the Plaza de la Virgen, the Comisiones decorate a 15-meter-high statue of the Virgin with flowers during the "Ofrena de Flors" for two days. You should definitely make a stop at this event. 

Falleras bring flowers at the Virgin, Mare de Déu dels Desemparats. © Shutterstock

Tip #7: Fire and flame for the Fallas

When? March 19
What? Cremà
Where? All over Valencia, center point: City Hall Square - Plaça de l'Ajuntament, 46002 Valencia

On the last day of the Fallas it gets hot: All Ninots - with the exception of the Ninot indultat - end up in the fire. The spectacle begins in all quarters at 20:00 with the statues of the children, from 22:00 flaming those of the adults. The finale is the fallera of the City Hall at 23:00. An absolute highlight!

Ninots blaze in the flames. © Shutterstock

Tip #8: Visit a piece of history

When? always
What? Ninots indultates
Where. Museo Fallero, Carrer del Riu, 36, 46400 Cullera, Valencia

The rescued ninots are exhibited in the Las Fallas Museum - meanwhile the exhibition impresses with more than 800 ninots indultates. 

Tip #9: Oasis of calm in noisy Valencia

What? Overnight stay
Where. YOURS Boutique Hotel Valencia

In the center of Valencia, in the lively Ruzafa district, Fallas travelers will find the modern YOURS hidden behind a 19th-century facade. The boutique hotel scores with hospitality, a minimalist, stylish ambience - and a pool on the patio, should March show its warm side.

YOURS Boutique Hotel Valencia
Calle de Cuba, 19, 46004 Valencia, Valencia, Spain
Web: thisisyours.es
Tel.: +34 003417105752
Price: from € 105,-/night and person

Tip #10: Make pleasure stops

When? always
What? Taste Spanish specialties
Where. Horchatería-Chocolatería Santa Catalina, Plaça de Santa Caterina, 6, 46001 Valencia

During the fiery spring festival, be sure to try the traditional Valencian pumpkin-fat pastry Buñuelos de Calabaza con Chocolate. In the Horchatería-Chocolatería Santa Catalina - the oldest Horchatería in Valencia - you are certainly in good hands as a newcomer. And for the small hunger in between there are many Bodega Tapas waiting!

The traditional pumpkin fat pastry Buñuelos de Calabaza. © Shutterstock

By the way: Not far from Valencia hot springs await party-weary Fallas visitors. Perfect to wind down after the festivities!

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