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London by Dr. Shirin Milani

A cultural & culinary change of scenery as it could not be better

19 February 2021

Dr. Shirin Milani

As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Shirin Milani is very busy professionally. This makes travelling all the more important to the doctor, so that she can enjoy her free time with her family away from the stress of everyday life. Milani describes herself as detail-oriented, restless and pedantic. Her greatest passions, besides traveling, are eating and decorating. The best moment of the day - and here the surgeon is completely in her element - is either a beautiful operation or, in private, an enjoyable dinner. On holiday, the successful doctor is drawn to the big city. Where exactly, she tells us herself in the TRAVEL DIARY.


My philosophy is all or nothing. And I live by this motto. My friends describe me as demanding - but fair. On vacation I need it varied. And where could be more exciting than in the English metropolis. London is always worth a visit for me. It's versatile: you can experience pure luxury there or be completely alternative. Everything is possible. And that's exactly what I love about London.

"London is the ideal multi-cultural city for me!"

Every time I travel, I discover something new. And I always end up staying at the Bulgari London. I also like to recommend the hotel to my friends. I enjoy simply strolling through the city. Sometimes I stop at one of the many cafés, then I treat myself to lunch or eat sushi. Chinese food is fantastic at Mr. Chow or at Hakkasan. The latter has even been awarded a Michelin star. The same goes for Gim Khana. The Indian dishes are exquisite. I also appreciate the ambience in all three places. Afterwards, I like to have a drink in one of the many great bars.

Corinthia Hotel London. Corinthia Hotel London.
Corinthia Hotel London.

"Historic architecture, cool hotels & restaurants, young designers, artists' quarters ... London simply offers everything"

Bulgari Hotel London. Bulgari Hotel London.
Bulgari Hotel London. Bulgari Hotel London.

I am always inspired by the architecture in London. I also love to stroll around one of the many markets. There are new young designer shops to discover every time. In the numerous furniture shops I always find something to take home. Actually, I usually spend my days without a plan. I like to explore the different parts of the city and they change almost every year - every time I visit I find something exciting that I didn't know before. For me, there is no special place that I recommend to visitors to London. The city is so diverse, there is something for everyone anyway. What is nice are the many city parks that invite to have a picnic or just to stroll around in autumn. I especially like Battery Park, for example. For those interested in art, the Freeze is certainly exciting. The exhibition takes place once a year and is considered the birth of the Young British Artists.

In short, my London experience can be summed up in a few words. It is the ideal multicultural city to treat yourself to a culinary and cultural change of scenery for a few days.

Hakkasan Mayfair. Hakkasan Mayfair.
Hakkasan Mayfair. Hakkasan Mayfair.
Hakkasan Mayfair. Hakkasan Mayfair.
Hakkasan Mayfair.

My thoughts on London

I love this place because...

it is so varied! Basic, alternative, luxury - everything is possible

The Best Way To Spend The Day There Is To...

Just stroll through the city, café here, sushi or lunch there... in between always stopping at any of the cafés.

When I'm in London, I love it....

to stroll, to go to markets, to explore young designer shops and to visit interior design stores

The perfect evening in London ends with:

a drink in one of the many cool bars

The most extraordinary place in London is...

hard to pick one. I love the great parks such as Battery Park

What should you definitely see / experience in London:

for art lovers the FREEZE (exhibition), which is held once a year.

Your favorite travel destination summed up in one sentence:

the ideal multi-culti city to spend a weekend



The best restaurants

Mr. Chow
Gim Khana


Battersea Park
"Freeze" exhibition
Portobello Road Market

A look into my life

Her greatest passion:

Travel, Food, Furnishings

What is the best moment of the day for you:

a nice operation or a good dinner

What inspires you?

Historical architecture

How would a good friend describe you?

Demanding but fair

Your lifestyle in 5 words:

beautiful living, travelling and eating well

Her philosophy of life is:

all or nothing

What else should we know about you?

Due to my job as a plastic surgeon, which ties me up a lot of time, my free time is very important to me. I always try to make the best use of it. Especially traveling is one of the most important compensations for my family and me and therefore has a very high value.

Traveling means to you:

Relaxation and inspiration

"London is a cultural & culinary change of scenery that couldn't be better!"

Image credit: Dr. Shirin Milani; Bigstock; Bulgari Hotel; Corinthia Hotel; Hakkasan

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