Maldives by Sabine Nedelchev

A place that comes pretty close to paradise!

19 February 2021

Sabine Nedelchev

Everything is possible. This life motto can only come from a power woman, and that's exactly what Sabine Nedelchev is as editor-in-chief of ELLE magazine. Her greatest passions in her private life are homeopathy, travel and love. Nedelchev likes to look for the latter in luxury. In the TRAVEL DIARY, the successful businesswoman reveals where she finds luxury when travelling and what is so special about this paradise.


Travelling means for me to be alive. There are many beautiful places on this earth. But for me, the Maldives are very special. This group of islands comes pretty close to paradise in my opinion. I like to walk barefoot there. This gives me a feeling of freedom. I can relax at home as well as on vacation with yoga. I don't need music in my ears. The soothing sound of the sea is enough for me.

For accommodation there are many unique addresses. Maldives visitors I recommend the Soneva Fushi. The luxury hotel is located in the middle of greenery, the crystal clear water is right outside the front door. The idyllic spa area promises regeneration from the stressful everyday life at home. Fantastic is also the Halaveli Constance. The sunset on the private room terrace with sea access is unique. The perfect evening ends for me but not in the hotel but stargazing on the beach. An insider tip is also the hotel Kihavah Anantara. There is even an underwater restaurant there. Here, gourmet lovers are whisked away into the middle of the blue underwater world and dine among rays and turtles that swim over them. A visit to the restaurant feels like being in a giant aquarium - only you're sitting in the middle of it yourself. Kihavah Anantara is home to the world's first underwater wine cellar. The menu is international and offers tasty gourmet dishes. The accommodation itself is luxurious. Each villa has its own pool or is located directly over the water.

Sustainable enjoyment at Soneva Fushi ... Photo: Moritz Krebs. ... and just let yourself go. Photo: Bigstock.
Reveling in old black-and-white movies on the beach...Photo by Richard Waite. Never stop marvelling underwater....Photo: Bigstock.

The perfect day at my dream location is mostly relaxed. I use the time to snorkel and observe the different fish species up close. It is always impressive for me when I discover manta rays or turtles. I recommend this experience to every traveller - tourists should have experienced this in the Maldives. Apart from that, I like to read and sleep - as most people do on holiday when they want to switch off. You can also often find me in the spa area. But the most extraordinary place for me in the Maldives is at the reef.

"To me, travel is about being alive."

Who needs cinema? The underwater world of the Maldives is unique!

"The perfect day at my dream place usually turns out relaxed."

I'm off then... On Constance Halaveli no wishes remain open! Photo: Constance Halaveli. Constance Halaveli is known for its unassuming hospitality. Photo: Constance Hotels.
The "hut" by the sea... ...and the tranquility of the pool at Soneva Fushi. Photo: Richard Waite.
Viewed from above is only good at the beginning, when flying off comes the melancholy! Photo: Richard Waite. Manta rays are often seen in the Maldives. Photo: Bigstock.
Underwaterlove at Anantara Kihava. Photo: Anantara Kihava. 1001 times blue. Photo: Anantara Kihava.

My thoughts on the Maldives

I love this place because ...

..it's pretty close to paradise

The Best Way To Spend The Day There Is To...

Snorkeling, Yoga, Snorkeling, Reading, Snorkeling, Spa, Snorkeling, Sleeping

When I'm in the Maldives, I love to...

to always go barefoot

The Perfect Evening In The Maldives Ends With...

Stargazing on the beach

The most extraordinary place in the Maldives is...

on the reef

What should you definitely see / experience in the Maldives:

Find manta rays or turtles

Your favorite travel destination summed up in one sentence:

The Garden of Eden

The best restaurants

Underwater restaurant in the Kihavah Anantara


Snorkelling on the reef
Stargazing on the beach

A look into my life

Best moment of the day?

a morning in the garden

My greatest passion?

Love, Homeopathy, Travel

What inspires you?

People, Travel, Writing

How would a good friend describe you?

Warm-hearted, impatient, inspiring, reliable

Your lifestyle in 5 words:

open, trends, universal, spiritual, valuable

Her philosophy of life is:

everything is possible

Traveling means to you:

be alive

Image credit: Sabine Nedelchev; Bigstock www.bigstockphoto.com; Soneva Fushi www.soneva.com/soneva-fushi; Kihava Anantara kihavah-maldives.anantara.com; Constance Hotel www.constancehotels.com

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