Mallorca by Florian Gschwandtner

My home away from home

12 March 2020

Majorca, Spain

I am always drawn to an island in the Mediterranean. More precisely, to Mallorca. We have a small apartment there and in the meantime the island has become like a second home for me. Mallorca is diverse and it is unfair to think only of the Ballermann. I don't need that at all. I prefer to relax and that works best on my roof terrace in a deck chair with good music in my ear. For me, the song Danza Kuduro by Don Omar goes well with Mallorca. I listen to it very often there.

Eating well is of course not only possible on the Spanish mainland. My insider tip for a successful visit is the Kingfisher Restaurant in Port de Sóller. Located right in the harbour, this place offers a varied menu and a lovely ambience. Once I'm full, the perfect evening for me ends with a bottle of wine at the harbour of Portals Nous. But not only the harbour is romantic. Near the marina there is a small beach that has its own charm. Different from all the overloaded hotel beaches. I like to lie there in my spare time and let the sun shine on my back.

"The perfect evening for me ends with a bottle of wine by the harbour in Portals Nous."

You need a little more time for the round around the island. But it is also worth it. Mallorca is also naturell very versatile and the west has partly a different vegetation than for example the east. So each part has its own flair and is worth seeing.

But with all the many things tourists can do on the island - personally, I'm only really relaxed when I just do nothing at all for once and look at the sea in peace. And that, although I am otherwise in life really a daredevil who is more risk-taking than boring. So I use the island to unwind. The perks of my favorite destination can be summed up in a few words: Mallorca is not too far away and almost always brings a sun guarantee; that's what makes this holiday destination so perfect for me.

"Mallorca is totally diverse."

My thoughts on Mallorca

I love this place because...

...we have a little apartment there and it feels like a second home...

The Best Way To Spend The Day There Is To...

...just on the roof terrace and the deck chair with good music

When I am in Mallorca, I love it ....

...when I'm really relaxed, I just love doing nothing.

The perfect evening in Mallorca ends with:

...a bottle of wine at the port of Portals Nous

The most extraordinary place in Mallorca is...

...the sea and the lap around the island

What should you see / experience in Mallorca:

...Portals Nous the small beach near the marina

Your favorite travel destination summed up in one sentence:

Not too far away and almost always brings with it a guarantee of sunshine

A look into my life

Her greatest passion:


What is the best moment of the day for you:

Doing nothing after dinner

What inspires you?

Interesting people

How would a good friend describe you:

Funny, ambitious and determined

Your lifestyle in 5 words:

Daredevil, Stylish, Modern and at the same time bland, Risk-taker

Her philosophy of life is

There is always a way

What else should we know about you?

He who does not travel has no idea ?

Traveling means to you:

Understanding the world a little better and always broadening horizons

Kingfisher Restaurant

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