Mallorca im Herbst Insidertipps
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Mallorca in autumn: 10 insider tips for the off-season

When peace returns to the popular holiday island, it is the ideal time for unique experiences away from the crowds.

8 October 2021

Sunny and warm days, a relaxed vibe, sightseeing without the tourist crowds, ideal temperatures for sports activities and perfect light for photos: all this makes Mallorca a wonderful destination for those who want to escape the cold days a little longer in autumn. Those visiting the Balearic island should put these ten things on their bucket list:

Discover secluded coves in Mallorca

Quiet coves invite you to unwind. © fincallorca

Where popular beaches like Playa de Muro or Cala Anguila teem with people in summer, it's quieter in autumn. But not only many of the most popular beaches on Mallorca can now be had all to themselves. Even picturesque bays are now completely deserted. When, if not now, is the ideal time to take stunning photos without sunburnt tourists in the background?

Cycling in the mountains

Too hot in summer, perfect in fall: bike rides in the mountains. © Unsplash

Mallorca's diverse landscape makes the Balearic island a popular holiday destination for mountain bikers, road cyclists and tourers. Some of the most beautiful routes run along the coast and through the mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana in the northwest of the island. And while it's often too hot for extended tours in summer, the mild days in autumn ensure cycling trips without the risk of sunburn.

Visit the Fira de la Serra de Tramuntana

Fruits, vegetables, herbs and artisan crafts await fairgoers. © Unsplash

Every year in October, the monastery of Lluc in Escora hosts the fair Fira de la Serra de Tramuntana where visitors can taste and purchase local products. The offer ranges from regional specialties to handicrafts and wine. This year everything revolves around the topic of the environment. Lectures, workshops and events on this subject complement the fair as a supporting programme. 

Experience culture

Palma is the picturesque venue for the Evolution film festival. © Unsplash

This autumn, the international Film Festival "Evolution" is already celebrating its tenth edition. Film enthusiasts will experience a diverse mix in the Mallorcan capital Palma. The contributions shown are a mixture of documentaries, children's films and feature films. Other audiovisual performances complete the programme.

Shine in sports

Participants push their limits in the Spartan Race. © Unsplash

Another October highlight in autumn on Mallorca, but a sporty one, is the Spartan Race. The obstacle course runs over ten kilometres and demands a lot from the participants. Barbed wire, mud and high walls have to be overcome. This is always also an experience for the spectators.

Take a lighthouse safari

Beautiful lighthouses line Mallorca's coastline. © Unsplash

Just as the weather conditions on the island are perfect for cyclists these days, the weather also presents itself from its best side for hikers. Warm days invite you to explore Mallorca on foot. The offer of well signposted paths is varied. Families with prams get their money's worth here and even professionals will certainly not get bored. Hikes to the many lighthouses on the island's coast are particularly appealing.

Take a sailing trip

Fall is the perfect time to change your perspective. © Unsplash

The yacht glides slowly through the turquoise water, hidden bays come into view, rough cliffs alternate with evergreen pine forests: When the sun pleasantly tickles the skin instead of burning, the ideal time has come to get to know the island from a different perspective. On a sailing trip you can enjoy the change of perspective in a particularly relaxed way.


On clear nights, millions of stars shine in the sky over Mallorca . © Unsplash

When the nights are longer, it means there's more time for stargazing too. The planetarium in Costitx offers spectacular light shows every Friday and Saturday. Afterwards, visitors can explore the night sky over Mallorca with a telescope. Thanks to the rural location, there's no light pollution and the skies are usually particularly clear.

Capture unique moments

Photo subjects like the Es Pontàs rock gate lie lonely. © Unsplash

During the day, the wonderful golden light and the strong color contrasts of nature offer ideal conditions for unique photos of Mallorca in autumn. You can have many of the island's most beautiful spots completely to yourself in the off-season. The Cap de Formentor, the rocky gate of Es Pontàs and the gorge Torrent de Pareis are just a few of the photo hotspots.

Profit from bargains

There are special bargains to be had at the flea market. © fincallorca

In autumn, the leaves fall - and the prices. Now is the ideal time to take advantage of special offers in the most beautiful hotels of the island . Or how about a stylish finca, all to yourself? The Finca broker fincallorca has particularly beautiful objects on offer. But the falling prices don't just affect flights and accommodation, but also souvenirs and products from the island's boutiques. In addition, the Sunday flea market in Consell offers special finds, antiques and second-hand bargains. 

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