Miami by Georg Gruber

For me the perfect symbiosis of art, lifestyle & art de vivre.

18 February 2021

George Gruber

Relaxing on the beach with the finest chill-out sounds while watching other people: For Georg Gruber, that's the perfect afternoon at his favorite place. As manager for a new restaurant concept in Miami South Beach, he knows a thing or two about good food - and, of course, at the place of his dreams. Where that is and why he is particularly drawn there, he reveals exclusively in the TRAVEL DIARY.


Not only professionally but also privately, I am drawn to Miami. The American metropolis has many good arguments to take it to the heart. It is sunny and has its own lifestyle. And in my opinion, it suits me. I'm always busy, love the sea and nature, travel a lot and enjoy having fun. And there's plenty of that in Miami. For example, when going out. Many bars and discos invite Miami visitors for a visit - there is something for almost every taste. The food there is excellent. There are many exquisite restaurants. Those who love sushi should visit the Zuma stop by. I like to sit out here on the terrace and enjoy my menu. At La Petite Maison French cuisine is delicious. I like to eat fish dishes best in the Milos, Greece. A social hotspot for me is Mr.Chow. There I often meet many of my friends spontaneously. The view and the ambience are in the Seaspice fantastic. On Sundays I am here very often. Again and again I am also drawn to the Bagatelle.


I am often asked which hotels I can recommend in Miami. There are many. My personal favorites are the Setai, available W South Beach, available 1 Hotel and The Edition.

If you want to experience something different than a classic bar or disco visit, the best is to check out one of the cool after parties on a boat. That is always an experience.

In Miami, apart from the nightlife, there are many things that you should have seen. The most famous place is South Beach. I myself love art. If you feel the same way, you should go to the Wynwood district. There are many art galleries, museums and exhibitions here. The Vizcaya Mansion is impressive. On the other hand a fun factor guarantor is a jet ski tour. Nature-wise, Key Biscayne is always worth a visit. This is an island located southeast of Miami. It promises relaxation from the sometimes hectic big city.

The perfect night ends with an after party at the boat.

Photo: Miami Beach Hotel.
Photo: Miami Beach Hotel.

Seaspice on a Sunday is always an adventure.

Photo: 1 Hotel. Photo: 1 hotel.
Photo: 1 Hotel. Photo: Miami Beach Hotel.
Photo: Miami Beach Hotel. Photo: Miami Beach Hotel.
Photo: Milos. Photo: The Setai.
Photo: The Setai. Photo: The Setai.
Photo: W South Beach. Photo: W South Beach.
Photo: W South Beach.

My thoughts on Miami

I love this place because...

the lifestyle and the weather

The best way to spend the day here is to...

to relax on the beach.

When I'm in Miami, I love to...

go out, relax on the beach, people watch and enjoy the excellent food.

The perfect night ends...

with an after-party on a boat.

Sums up your favorite travel destination in one sentence:

The perfect symbiosis of art, lifestyle & art de vivre.


South Beach
Wynwood district
Vizcaya Villa
Key Biscayne

After a day at the beach... ... you should definitely have an aperitif. Photo: La Petit Maison.
And dine at the trendy restaurant Milo. Photo: Milo's. ... and give the sunset over Miami a chance.

Many bars and discos invite Miami visitors - there is something for every taste.

A look into my life

What inspires you?

Art & Nature

How would a good friend describe you?

good contact with friends, spontaneous, friendly

Her lifestyle in 5 words:

Busy, Travel, Fun, Beautiful Places, Ocean

Her philosophy of life:

Never give up!

What travel means to you:

A lot! It's like education.

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