Maldives by Diana Langes

It feels like I'm becoming a completely different person....

18 February 2021

Diana Langes

Diana Langes is not only a passionate sports fan - the entrepreneur is also a Tyrolean with heart and soul. As a football president, ball sports naturally come first. As a family man, it's her own children. Langes does not see herself as the classic crystal heiress. Although she is a member of the fifth generation of the Austrian Swarovski business dynasty, there are more important things for her than jewellery: and those are her family and her own homeland. In her Travel Diary, the businesswoman reveals the places she likes to visit far away from her roots.


Travelling is something very precious to me. I am curious about the beautiful, surprising, aesthetic and tasteful things that the world gives us. And I can only satisfy this curiosity by experiencing these aspects myself. In doing so, I am not afraid of encountering the unexpected. On the contrary: it worries me not to experience it.

There are many beautiful places on this earth. But one is unique for me: It is the Maldives. I have spent the most beautiful moments there with my family, which have burned themselves into my heart forever. It is fantastic to surrender to the magic of this archipelago every day and to forget everyday life. It often even feels like I become a completely different person - in different clothes, with different habits. The relaxation is not only good for my body, but especially for my soul. I love to feel the breading sand under my wet feet. It gives me a feeling of freedom - so I draw strength for further projects at home. After all, in real life I am a determined and ambitious entrepreneur. In private life, however, I would rather describe myself as casual and uncomplicated.

"Travel is something very precious to me."

Sustainable enjoyment at Soneva Fushi ... Photo: Moritz Krebs. ... and just let yourself go. Photo: Bigstock.

The Maldives offer many unique resorts where you can spend your holiday. But I like nature in all its facets - so I also appreciate the four distinct seasons in Tyrol and can appreciate every season. Therefore, the experience of nature is also important to me on holiday. I recommend visitors to the Maldives to look for a hotel that blends in with the wonderful surroundings. It is much nicer to have a large terrace around you than high walls. Of course, if I think about it, it would be best to have a balcony from which one can jump straight into the sea. The best restaurants for me are on the beach. What more do you need than a good barbecue with everything the sea gives you.

I don't need much for a perfect evening. My inner balance and a glowing sun just disappearing into the horizon are enough for me. And if I can share that with loved ones, then it's all good. My insider tip for all Maldives vacationers is the Lhaviyani Atoll. While the Maldives in general are incomparably beautiful, this atoll just trumps everything. And of course, if you are there, you should have seen the underwater world. No matter if with snorkel or with diving equipment. A look under the facade of the archipelago is worth it.

Who needs cinema? The world of the Maldives is unique! A unique experience is the underwater restaurant Ithaa. Photo: 2017 Conrad Hotels & Resorts.

"I love feeling the breading sand under my wet feet."

My thoughts on the Maldives

I love this place because ...

..I spent the most beautiful moments of my life there with my family.

The Best Way To Spend The Day There Is To...

...to surrender unconditionally to the magic of the place. To pause, to forget everyday life completely, to lead a new life for a short time - in different clothes, with different habits, as a different person.

When I'm in the Maldives, I love to...

...to feel the sand under your feet, to be free, to draw new strength.

The perfect evening in the Maldives ends with:

..inner peace, balance, a view of the sun setting on the horizon and loved ones to share the evening with.

The most extraordinary place in the Maldives is...

...the Lhaviyani Atoll. While the Maldives are incomparably beautiful in many places, Lhaviyani is still special even among the beautiful.

What should you definitely see / experience in the Maldives:

...the underwater world. Whether with snorkel or professional diving equipment - who loves the world on the island, must also have seen the world below the surface.

Your favorite travel destination summed up in one sentence:

If you took the intensity of all the longings for summer, sun, beach, dreamed on a normal working day, and formed a place from them - the result would be the Maldives.

Light as air in the spa restaurant... Photo: 2017 Conrad Hotels & Resorts. Spoilt for choice. Freshwater pool meets gentle lagoon waves. Photo: 2017 Conrad Hotels & Resorts.

"It's worth looking under the facade of the archipelago."

Endless blue!


Lhaviyani Atoll

A look into my life

Her greatest passion:

My family, my home and football

What is the best moment of the day for you:

Breakfast with my kids, an egg from our chickens, a nice write-up about WSG in the paper, and a kiss goodbye as everyone goes about their daily lives.

What inspires you?

Nature in every season. Flowers in spring, mountains and bike tours in summer, trees in autumn, glaciers and ski slopes in winter.

How would a good friend describe you?

Open-hearted, impartial, cheerful and a little impatient as a person. Determined, focused, passionate about her job.

Your lifestyle in 5 words:

Uncomplicated, casual, elegant, feminine, functional.

Her philosophy of life is:

"There are only two days in the year when you can do nothing. One is yesterday, the other is tomorrow. This means that today is the right day to love, believe, and first and foremost, live." (Dalai Lama)

Traveling means to you:

To satisfy my intuitive curiosity about the beautiful, the surprising, the aesthetic, the tasteful that the world gives us. I am not afraid of experiencing the unexpected - only of not experiencing it.

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