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"Because you can just let go ..."

18 March 2019

Mykonos, Greece

On fire - extreme and curious, that's how my friends describe me. That's exactly how I am on vacation. I love travelling. I love adventures. I love Mykonos. The Greek island is more down to earth. It's heartier. It is very different from Ibiza. The Greek island has also experienced a different development than the Spanish Mediterranean metropolis. Mykonos wants to be different. Closer to the guest. That's what I appreciate so much. I love the beautiful things in life and have high standards for myself.

In Mykonos there are many ways to enjoy the perfect holiday day. I like to go to Prinzi Pite at Paradise Beach in the very south of Mykonos. This is a totally hip beach location. The sea shimmers azure here, with the rugged mountains rising in the background. Here you feel isolated from the rest of the world. From the stress. From the hustle and bustle. Here I listen to music, relax - I would even say I slow down from my otherwise very planned everyday life. I soak up the lifestyle. I am just me.

The most beautiful hotels on the island are those of Myconian Collection. Luxury meets the originality and warmth of the Greeks here. My thoughts become free when I swim there in the turquoise-blue pool and look at the vastness of the sea. The special feature: at night, lights glitter in the pool - like a reflection of the stars in the sky. I find this somehow romantic. The white - typically Greek - houses of the hotel are all built into the hillside. The view of the sea is gigantic.

Take a walk. Stroll. Discovering new things. Shopping. Getting inspired. Internationally. Watching other trendsetters. Learning for myself. A day in Mykonos has many faces. I prefer to drift.

The perfect evening - and this is a ritual - ends with a glass of whisky or rum. Then I take a deep breath of fresh air, soaked in sea salt, and forget that my holiday will probably end again at some point.

The best nights - and this is my secret tip - I have so far in the Beach Club Scorpios right near Paradise Beach. Partying here is legendary. Not a party in the traditional sense. There's something mystical about this place. Something magical. Something out of the ordinary. The location exudes its own vibe - you can only feel it if you've been there yourself. The furniture is made of wicker and wood - everything is colour-coordinated. The cool stones of the house, the sandy beach, the cushions, the rocky slope in the background. I like it when everything matches so perfectly. And I appreciate this originality that this club radiates.

If you want to eat well, you should go to the Remezzo in Polikandriotis stop by. The restaurant is quiet and casual. My favorite corner here is the large lounge bench made of cushions, which juts into the sea like a small headland. Here you feel free - surrounded by the sea, the harbour and with a view of the white houses.

Ideas I could pass on about Mykonos I have many - although some tourists may know them too. Elia Beach is a must-do when I'm on the island. The Caprice Bar has the best cocktails. Little Venice should have seen everyone who does not know it yet. There are historic windmills and old houses right by the sea - this is in the east of Mykonos, right by the sea. The perfect photo motif. Bars and clubs are in the immediate vicinity. The flair is unique. The island is also known for its white roofs - which are best seen from the sea. An absolute highlight. Just like one of the fantastic sunsets - and I like to watch them best in the Hotel Bill & Coo on. Fancy it yourself? Then go there - a great island.

There's something mystical about this place. Something magical.

My thoughts on Mykonos

I love this place because...

you feel isolated here from the rest of the world.

When I'm in Mykonos, I love to...

relaxing at Prinzi Pite at Paradise Beach

The perfect evening in Mykonos ends with...

a glass of whisky or rum

What is a must see in Mykonos?

Little Venice should have seen everyone who does not know it yet

The most extraordinary place in Mykonos is...

, the Beach Club Scorpios very close to Paradise Beach

Your favorite travel destination summed up in one sentence:

A day in Mykonos has many faces

A look into my life

It inspires me:

Watching other trendsetters and knowing you can learn something new in the process

How would a good friend describe you?

On fire - extreme and curious

Her lifestyle in 5 words:

Open, planned, stylish, daredevil and quality-oriented

Her philosophy of life:

Walk paths that no one walked before, so that you leave traces and not just dust.

What else should we know about you?

I love the beautiful things in life and have high standards for myself at the same time

Traveling means to you:

Being cut off from the rest of the world

Image credit: Mahmud Al-Smadi; Bigstock;Remezzo; Elia Beach

Mahmud Al-Smadi

He not only styles other people to perfection - he himself is an absolute style icon, a trendsetter and a sought-after model. We are talking about Mahmud Al-Smadi - Hairartist by Lippertsfriseure and Event Manager at Ganesha. In addition, the successful stylist is also a blogger and fashion designer. His motto in life is: "Walk paths that no one has walked before, so that you leave traces and not just dust. Where he likes to leave his traces, he reveals in the Travel Story.

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