Naturpools auf den Kanaren
© Puertito el Lobos, Shutterstock

These Are the Most Beautiful Natural Pools in the Canary Islands

Thanks to the local climate, the Canary Islands are suitable for a beach vacation all year round. Diving in the many natural pools of the islands is particularly spectacular.

January 27, 2023

Charco Azul, El Hierro

Naturpools auf den Kanaren

Volcanic basin on El Hierro, © Shutterstock

The rugged coasts of El Golfo on the island of El Hierro are dotted with a natural pool landscape. Volcanic eruptions millions of years ago created these. From the nearby parking lot, a stone staircase leads to the pools. Tip for unique photos: Come in the evening. Because then an extraordinary spectacle of colors immerses the surroundings in countless shades of blue and gray. By the way, "charco" means "puddle".

Charco Azul, La Palma

Naturpools auf den Kanaren Charco Azul

The "blue puddle" on La Palma. © Shutterstock

Same name, different island. On the green island of La Palma there is also a natural pool landscape called Charco Azul. On La Palma, in addition to the natural pool, there is also a man-made pool. In addition, there are changing rooms, parking spaces and green areas in abundance. Many family-friendly hiking trails lead through the adjacent laurel forest. The place offers not only one of the most beautiful natural pools in the Canary Islands, but may also adorn itself with the award "Ecoplaya" for particularly sustainable and environmentally friendly beaches.

Puertito de Lobos, Isla de Lobos

Isla Lobos

Coast of Isla de Lobos. © Shutterstock

Once monk seals lived here undisturbed. Today, however, tourists also come to Isla de Lobos. It is located only a few kilometers off the coast of Fuerteventura. Especially nature lovers, couples and families visit the uninhabited island. The dark, volcanic rock here forms an exciting contrast to the color of the natural pools. 

Charco del Conde, La Gomera

Charco del Condo

Charco del Conde, © Shutterstock

The dense laurel forests earned La Gomera the reputation of being perfect for hiking. But also some of the most beautiful natural pools on the Canary Islands can be found here. Especially the west coast is worth a visit in this respect. In Valle Gran Rey, for example, you will find the Charco del Conde. Separated from the open sea by rocks and stones, a particularly large natural pool was created.

La Fajana, La Palma

La Fajana

La Fajana bathing area. © Shutterstock

In the northeast of La Palma, in Barlovento, you will find three of the most beautiful natural pools in the Canary Islands. Admittedly: That's not solely by nature. There are parking spaces, sun terraces and restaurants. The pools are also connected by walkways. Towards the open sea, natural barriers border the pools.

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