Paris by Gitta Banko

"Full of life and full of love: Mon Paris"

14 October 2019


My life is fashion. Always has been. My mother had a fashion boutique. So did I. Even as a small child, I was fascinated by the colorful world of patterns, colors and fabrics. And where is fashion at home, at least haute couture? In Paris, of course. I love this city - not only as a model, but also as a private person: you won't find such romance and liveliness anywhere else. And that's exactly why the French capital is my personal favorite travel destination.

My eyes light up in two situations: When my son gives me his honest laugh and I can enjoy my perfect day in Paris from morning till night. This is how my soul comes to rest, creativity recharges its batteries. Early in the morning I first sit relaxed in the Hotel Plaza Athénée and drink a delicious espresso at La Terrasse Montaigne. Just the smell of the freshly roasted coffee makes me awake and pleasantly excited for what else awaits me in Paris that day: Lots. By the way, the hotel has a fantastic courtyard. The green ivy nestles against the exterior façade, the red umbrellas and awnings make the complementary play of colours perfect - almost a bit like fashion.

Museums, landmarks - there are many places in Paris that are full of inspiration for creatives like me. Art plays an important role in my life, of course there is plenty of it in Paris. Almost on every corner you can find a hip gallery with local artists who are sometimes a bit weird, but always totally fascinating.

My insider tip for all those who don't just want to shop, but are looking for something really special: Avenue Montaigne is where you can still find unique pieces that make every look perfect. I could spend hours strolling through the shops here, and I always find a new accessory or a cool piece for my wardrobe. Of course, this will be staged on my blog later.

At some point the wallet has to take a break, only shopping should not be done in Paris. I often rent a bicycle. I love riding along the Seine and letting my mind wander. That's where I get my best ideas. If it's not the bike, then my own feet carry me through the city. Without a destination. Just as the mood takes me.

If I'm not staying at the Plaza Athénée, I'll be at the Hôtel Le Meurice on Rue de Rivoli. You are also welcome to stay at the dignified Peninsula at 19 Avenue Kléber or at the, no less noble Hotel Castille on Rue Cambon. Each hotel has its own charm, after all we are in Paris.

But not only fashion and art are exceptional in Paris. The French are also simply tops when it comes to gourmet. In the Plaza Athénée there is also a fabulous restaurant, the Alain Ducasse - the chef who gives the restaurant its name is one of the best in the world. Who wants to experience a dinner of the absolute extra class, which should be at the Jules Verne dining atop the Eiffel Tower. The view almost takes your breath away. It might be a little cheesy, but why not? You only live once.

I like to spend the warm summer nights in the Montmartre district of Paris, which has been known for decades as THE artist and bohemian district of the city. When the last rays of the sun bathe the church in an intense light, I sit down on the steps in front of the entrance and enjoy the view over the city.

PS: Don't miss a ride on the Seine - past Notre Dame with music by Edit Piaf in your ears: you can't get more French than that.

"Each hotel has its own charm, after all, we are in Paris."

My thoughts on Paris

I love this place because...

it is so lively and romantic at the same time, and of course I love this city also because of the fashion

When I'm in Paris, I love...

just walk through the city without a particular goal, or rent a bike and ride along the Seine

The perfect evening in Paris ends with...

a delicious glass of red wine in the La Cour Jardin

What should you definitely see in Paris?

I'd say dinner at the Eiffel Tower or a boat ride on the Seine.

The most extraordinary place in Paris is...

Montmartre, with many artists and restaurants; quite a cute neighborhood with a lot of charm!

Your favorite travel destination summed up in one sentence:


A look into my life

It inspires me:

I am inspired by people, countries and art

How would a good friend describe you?

chaotic and clumsy ?

Her lifestyle in 5 words:

Summer, creativity, fashion & art, good food , architecture

Her philosophy of life:

It does not always have to have a meaning, it is sometimes enough if you have fun.

What else should we know about you?

I started 2 years ago with my blog from pure passion for fashion. Always have some new ideas in mind, which I would like to realize. The most important things for me are family, friends and my creativity.

Traveling means to you:

Freedom and luxury (you have to have the time for it)


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Gitta Banko

Caution stylish! What can become a visual laughing stock with others is almost haute couture with Gitta Banko. An eye-catcher anyway. There stands the mother of a son casually on the sidewalk, the jeans are torn, the shirt snow-white, laced over a denim corsage. Finished off with a rain cape in bathtub ducky yellow. At hip height hangs casually the bag (sorry: It-Bag), which represents nothing else than an oversized McDonalds cup. She stands there with her legs wide apart, but completely relaxed - the facial expression is just right, the aviator glasses make the look perfect. When it comes to fashion, hardly any other blogger can hold a candle to Gitta Banko - her blog blondwalk is a complete success and inspiration for thousands of fashionistas. But Gitta is not a fashionista, she is an influencer. Being a mere clothes stand is not enough. Mobility is the order of the day. Where the fashion-conscious mother likes to travel, she reveals in her Travel Story.

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