Nicht alleine, sondern mit unseren Lieblingsmenschen: 2022 packen wir unsere besten Freunde in den Travel Pod und begeben uns in kleiner Gruppe gemeinsam auf Reisen. Ein Erlebnis – mit Sicherheit.
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Pod Travel: 5 great destinations for a Vacay with friends

Not alone, but with our favorite people: In 2022, we'll pack our best friends into the Travel Pod and set off on a journey together in a small group. An experience - for sure.

April 3, 2022

To travel is to live, as Hans Christian Anderson rightly said. It is even nicer to live - and travel - together with our dearest relatives and best friends. Especially in times of the pandemic, where every vacation always means an increased risk of contracting Covid-19, we want to travel with people we can fully trust. 

And that's what "pod travel" is all about: we travel with a group that keeps to itself, driving or flying to isolated places or to so-called travel bubbles. What we like about the trend is not just that we can spend our days away safe and sound. It's the shared travel experience - the time spent with our favorite people - that makes Pod Travel a memory for life.

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1. hiking in Abisko, Sweden's most beautiful national park 

What? hiking paradise for sports enthusiasts and nature lovers
Best time to travel? June to September (sports), September to March (auroras)


Along the way are canyons like this one in Abisko National Park. © Shutterstock

High up in the north, Abisko National Park covers 77 square kilometers. Outdoor enthusiasts pack their friends and plunge into the solitary adventure of the Scandinavian wilderness. It goes over the Kungsleden, the "King's Path", over plank paths past arctic forests, Fjords and lakes, moorlands and steep rocky gorges. However, as the popular national park is located above the Arctic Circle in Lapland, the average temperatures are only between -10 and 13 °C. So if you prefer it warm, you should arrive in summer - although you are welcome to leave out July, as it is the rainiest month in Abisko.


If you are lucky, you can not only catch a glimpse of wild moose or arctic foxes, but also observe the Aurora Borealis . In Abisko, thanks to the absence of human settlements and few clouds and precipitation, these show themselves in the most beautiful colors, especially between September and March.

Above Abisko, the Aurora Borealis lights up the night sky over Abisko National Park, especially in autumn and spring. © Shutterstock

2. sailing trip around Cyclades in Greece

What: Island hopping and sailing for freedom lovers and sun lovers
Best time to travel? May till September

Famous greek iconic selfie spot tourist destination Oia village with traditional white houses and windmills in Santorini island in the evening blue hour, Greece

Anchoring off Santorini's coast and watching the sunset - a dreamy group experience. © Shutterstock

From Anafi via Naxos to Delos: The cycladic islands are probably the most beautiful destination in the whole Mediterranean for a sailing trip with friends. The many islands tempt you to go ashore, be sure to stop in front of the elegant Santorini with its dark cliffs and white houses or head for the dreamlike white coast of Milos, Greece , which is built up with Syrmata houses. On the islands you can enjoy Greek cuisine, stroll around a bit and then return to the ship to set off for new shores.


Just a short drive from densely populated tourist favorites like Naxos, lie almost uninhabited, dreamy islets in the Aegean Sea - in search of peaceful island life, hoist the sails in the direction of Anafi, Dousa, Iraklia or Koufonisi and Schinoussa. With good friends, a bottle of Prosecco and a beauiful sunset you may end the day here at sea.

Hoist the sails and sail around white cliffs: The Cyclades in the Aegean Sea are ideal for friends who love to sail. © Shutterstock

3. rent a farmhouse together in France

What? country idyll and best cuisine for gourmets
Best time to travel? End of April until beginning of October

Vineyard landscape-Vineyard south west of France-Sauternes-Loupiac

The Bordeaux area invites friends to stroll through the vines together and enjoy the day with a glass of red wine. © Shutterstock

It doesn't always have to be a faraway, exotic destination: Rural France appeals with its charm, indulgent idleness and magnificent views. For example, in the sleepy community of Le Vignau, not far from the Atlantic coast, near Bordeaux. Here you rent a old farmhouse (About AirBnB to find) and consciously spend time with your favorite people. Enjoyment is paramount: be it original cognac or wine from Bordeaux, the local Sauterne wine confit with saffron or a plate of freshly caught oysters.

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Day trips take the tour group to the sea or to Bordeaux. One undertakes river cruises to the Gironde estuary, strolls over the famous Dune du Pilat. Also the castle of Auternes, the cave of Lascaux or the Parc Naturel Régional des Landes, the most extensive forest in Europe, should be visited. The excursion possibilities are numerous and varied.

Relaxing together and jumping into the pool at Le Vignau. © @philipp_franke26

4. to the yoga on Koh Samui

What: Relaxation and dream beaches for yogis and yoginis
Best time to travel? December till February

Yoga auf Koh Samui

Yoga on the paradise island of Koh Samui. © Shutterstock

Unwind and relax together: That's what a yoga vacation with your best friends promises. On the thai Island of Koh Samui the Kamalaya Retreat offers - in addition to a beautiful location between a dream beach and a biodiverse jungle - group programs. Here we meet in the morning for Vinyasa flows, lie on the sandy beach in the afternoon or enjoy an Ayurvedic massage and look forward to fine and healthy cuisine in the evening. 


A yoga retreat together is ideal for those who want to travel for their own well-being as well as with their favorite people. Surrounded by beautiful nature and the vastness of the Pacific Ocean, a private boat trip through Ang Thong Marine Park, for example, takes you past rugged rocky coves and secluded beaches - a must for every bucket list.

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After a morning yoga session, head to the natural paradise of Anthong National Marine Park in the afternoon. © Shutterstock

5. obtain a tree house in the rainforest of Queensland

What? treetop view for jungle fans
Best time to travel? June till October

Daintree National Park, rainforest scenery in Queensland, Australia

Following safe trails through tropical forest in Queensland. © Shutterstock

Into the woods: In the Daintree rainforest, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, good friends will find numerous ways to pass time. And the timing for the trip to the humid tropical Australian jungle could not be better, as the country has opened again since the end of February 2022. Life is especially great in the luxurious Silky Oats Lodge, which accommodate their guests in tree houses overlooking the Mossman River. From this hideaway, we head into the tropical forest, which boasts exceptional biodiversity and is home to the Aboriginal people Kuku Yalanji.


After a night high up in the trees of the Daintree, it's off to adventure. The group observes rare birds, visits the Shannonvale Tropical Fruit Winery or walks along the beach of Cape Tribulation.

Cape Tribulation at the Daintree Rainforest in Queensland - friends of the jungle will feel at home here. © Manny Moreno

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