Singapore Airlines
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Singapore Airlines' private suites: luxury in the skies

With comfortable beds, delicious meals and exclusive care products, your vacation begins before you even land.

March 20, 2022

Airplanes have completely revolutionized the way we travel. In just a few hours, you can reach distant destinations and explore foreign cultures. However, anyone who has ever flown economy class (and that's probably the majority of the population) knows that comfort is not the top priority for airlines. Uncomfortable seats, screaming babies and questionable food can often ruin your mood right from the start of your trip. Time to book a flight with Singapore Airlines ...

Singapore Airlines
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Private Suites on Singapore Airlines

The Asian luxury airline has topped the list of best airlines for many years - and with the launch of its new private suites they obviously intend to keep this top ranking in the future. Here, every wish is read from the guests' eyes and you are not sure whether you have boarded an airplane or already checked into a hotel.

Singapore Airlines
Unimagined luxury awaits behind the doors of Singapore Airlines' suites. © Singapore Airlines

Sweet dreams

Elegant leather seats from Poltrona woman, the luxurious Italian furniture manufacturer, guarantee top safety and comfort, so that you can also enjoy the take-off and landing to the fullest.

However, those who usually don't get a wink of sleep even on long flights will sleep like a baby in Singapore Airlines' suites. The stylish, cozy beds feel like you're in a 5-star hotel. Those traveling with their partner can have the divider removed and get a spacious two-person suite.

A comfortable suite alone or for two. © Singapore Airlines

Bon appétit

Memories of bad sandwiches, overcooked noodles and questionable desserts will promptly fade after a Singapore Air flight. That's because guests of the private suites get a choice of delicious meals from diverse Asian cuisines, tastefully served on high-quality china. How about Korean bulgogi, spicy Indian delicacies or even lobster thermidor?

Top restaurant quality, no reservations required. © Singapore Airlines

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