Griechenland, Spanien oder Kroatien mit der Yacht erkunden: Luxus pur – und nicht nur Millionären vorbehalten. Damit die erste Seefahrt zum vollen Erfolg wird, haben wir fünf hilfreiche Tipps für die Charteryacht First Timer gesammelt.
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5 helpful tips for charter yacht newbies

Greece, Spain or Croatia by yacht: To make the first sea trip a complete success, we have collected five helpful tips for your first yacht charter.

April 16, 2022

Deep blue expanses, enchanting bays and picturesque fishing villages: Who doesn't dream of spending their vacation on a yacht, catamaran or sailboat at least once in a lifetime? Because while luxury cruisers sail according to fixed routes, you take the journey into your own hands on a charter yacht. In the process, the (sea) route you choose becomes the real destination.

Especially during the pandemic, yacht charter has proven to be an attractive alternative option for safe travel with friends and Family . What may surprise many newbies is that charter yachts are quite affordable. Here are 5 things you should know before you charter a yacht or a sailboat

Intimate, luxurious and unique: groups of friends or families travel to the most beautiful bays of the Mediterranean by charter yacht. © Kipras Zabeliauskas

1. we rent a yacht! But where?

The Caribbean or the Virgin Islands are classic destinations for luxury boating - but lovers of the sea also have the opportunity to rent a yacht all over the Mediterranean and explore the Mediterranean expanses with it. At the vacation hotspots of Greece, Croatia, Turkey or Spain and beyond, you can quickly find numerous providers. For example the Metsuyan IVA luxury yacht with 3D outdoor cinema, spa pool and children's area, as well as ten cabins, which sets sail in Croatia and Montenegro. The costs for this start from 110,000 euros for ten people and one week. Charter yachts are also relatively inexpensive in the Virgin Islands and Indonesia. 

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Mit dem Skipper über das Mittelmeer

With or without a broker, online or direct, bareboat or crewed: there are many decisions to make before chartering. © Shutterstock

Charter a yacht online

It is recommended to book the charter yacht online in advance. You will certainly find what you are looking for on these two major booking platforms: Yachtico offers luxurious yacht and sailing charters not only in the Mediterranean, but also beyond in destinations such as the Caribbean or Thailand. Sailing trips and the like can also excellently be booked via GetMyBoat. You can choose between bookings with captain and helmsman - or without crew, if you have a sailing license yourself. Instead of spending your time with hours of online research, you can also turn to a broker. You can find one at MYBA, the worldwide yachting association.

MYBA - The Worldwide Yachting Association: 

2. how much does it cost to rent a yacht?

The prices for a charter yacht strongly depend on how many people you go to sea with, which provider you use and how long the booked ship is. The model and year of construction, whether you are sailing with or without crew, are also decisive factors. Rates start at about 14,000 euros per week for a small yacht - you should also pay attention to whether these are all-inclusive or additional expenses will apply.

Depending on the size, year of construction and equipment, the prices for the charter yacht vary. © Nikldn T

3. yacht charter: All-Inclusive or Plus Expenses?

The names already give it away: All-inclusive rates include all costs of the boat rental, except for harbor fees and taxes - starting with the catering up to the fuel costs, water sports offers and the crew. However, you will rarely come across this price indication in the charter business. 

With Rates Plus Expenses, mostly for larger yachts, the price is only for the boat itself. Operating costs, drinks and food, docking or entertainment facilities and, of course, the crew are calculated on top. In this case, one usually pays a portion, between 30 and 35 percent of the base price, in advance. This so-called Advance Provisioning Allowance is to be paid before the charter.

If you hire a charter broker, the prices quoted often include not only the boat itself, but also crew and insurance, while guest-specific items, such as food and fuel, are charged extra as APA.

4. charter yacht: with or without crew?

The decision between a crewed or uncrewed charter yacht depends on the one hand on the price, but also on whether you have someone with a boating license in the group. In addition, when sailing with a manned yacht, you can look forward to great service, many activities and tips from the captain and crew. After all, who knows more about the waters and life at sea than they do? Often there is also a cook on board, who lures the travelers out of the cabins in the morning with freshly brewed coffee and is responsible for all culinary needs. True luxury!

So-called "bareboat charters", which you steer yourself, are of course cheaper. Mostly these are smaller yachts, for which a skipper is not yet needed.

With skipper it goes guided, but on individual paths across the sea. © Shutterstock

5. bet on the right travel party

Not only where you travel, but especially with whom is important. One should therefore carefully choose both the crew and the fellow travelers because they can make or break a yacht trip. A vacation on catamaran and co. is an extremely intimate affair. Anyone who feels the urge during their time on the high seas to jump off the boat rather than spend a second longer with their companions will probably prefer not to return to a yacht after their unsuccessful boat trip. Ideally, you spend absolutely unforgettable days on board with your favorite people.

The travel party for the charter yacht wants to be well chosen. © Shutterstock

Destination Mediterranean: Where are the most beautiful places for yacht excursions?


Enchanting islands, picturesque fishing villages, secluded bays with white sandy beaches and ruins steeped in history await amateur sailors in the Mediterranean. Reason enough to head for the coastal area or the longing places of the Aegean, from Naxos to Crete! Party lovers gather in the turquoise waters of the party hotspots Mykonos. Also the ride through the caldera of the contrasting Santorini is an experience, especially for (amateur) photographers. On the west coast of Greece, in the Ionian Sea, you get to know Corfu or Kefalonia from the sea - indescribably beautiful!

Korfu, Griechenland

Greece is the ideal destination for charter yacht vacations. © Chris Unger


Croatia's coastline beckons with rugged, barren rocky islands like the island of Pag, crystal-clear waters and charming villages. Cultural hotspots, such as Zadar or the enchanting Šibenik, and numerous beautiful national parks also lie along the sea route. The Brijuni National Park, the islands of Krk and Pag, and the channel to Šibenik, past the St. Nicholas Fortress, should not be missing from any bucket list.

Charteryachten in Kroatien

Sailing and yachting paradise Croatia: the journey into the Adriatic begins on the Croatian coast. © Jay Basha

Spanish islands

It is not for nothing that the Balearic Islands are still one of the absolute trend destinations: Chic coastal cities and party locations are waiting on Ibiza or Mallorca right next to secluded bays. From Eivissa, you can head for the Caribbean-like beaches on Formentera. And if you can't get enough of white sand and crystal-clear water, anchor off Cala d'Or on Mallorca. Should know: Some bays off Mallorca are protected nature reserves due to rare seagrass fields - anchoring here is not allowed!

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The Balearic Islands entice with crystal-clear water, such as on Formentera. © Shutterstock

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