Souki Lodge
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Souki Lodges & Spa: Safari feeling in the south of France

The stylish Souki Lodges & Spa in the French region of Cabrières promises a vacation close to nature in a breathtaking location - and with many experiences.

March 30, 2022

Souki Lodges & Spa
Chemin des Caraygnasses, 34800 Cabrières, France
T: +33 (0)6 83 48 44 41



"Souki" comes from the Occitan word "Souquious" and refers to a vine. That Souki Lodges & Spa, inspired by the unspoiled, free-spirited surroundings of Cabrères, bears this name is therefore no coincidence. Because this is where excellent rosé wine originated. And at the same time, this is the cradle for a new kind of vacation: safari in the south of France. In fact, the two lodges are designed to merge with nature. Just like a real safari lodge. 

The indoor spaces continue seamlessly outside in nature. © Mr. Tripper

Emotional hotel industry

The two people behind the idea for a vacation close to nature at the foot of Pic Vissou, between mountains, hills, trees and vines, are Fabien Morcel and Gilles Pascal. The two lodges face south. They offer their guests all-round views of the outdoors. Made of French, organically grown wood, the rooms are equipped with large windows. Nature thus comes close to the guests - and vice versa. On the terrace, the private whirlpool allows for contemplation in nature while relaxing. And the infinity pool, with its views of lush greenery, is also just a few steps away.

The infinity pool overlooks the southern French wilderness. © Mr. Tripper

Enjoy in the green

A day in one of the Souki Lodges begins with a delicious breakfast. Fabien and Gilles prepare it from numerous homemade delicacies. Granola, juicy brioches and seasonal fruit salad are just some of the treasures with which they spoil their guests. Jam, organic bread and eggs in all variations complete the first rendez-vous in the morning. Those who wish can also have appetizer platters delivered to the lodges. Of course with specialties from local producers. Cheese and sausage, homemade tapenade, tielle and bouzigues provide moments of pleasure.

Eat like God in France. © Mr Tripper

Lunch and dinner spoils the aeponem the guests. The Michelin-starred restaurant of Amélie Darvas and Gaby Benicio guarantees special delights. The chef and Brazilian sommelière serve smoked herring, vegetable maki in fruit jelly, beet bao with yuzu cream and wonderful wines, among other dishes. The Michelin star is just one of the many accolades of this wonderful restaurant.

Active time out

Guests get even closer to nature when they go into the middle of it. The rocky sea of the Cirque de Mourèze and the Lac de Saladon are nearby. Whether you choose one of the numerous hiking trails or set off on an electric bike with a picnic basket, idyllic vineyards, small villages and plenty of peace and quiet invite you to recharge your batteries in nature.

Enjoyment in the green can be so relaxing ... © Mr Tripper

Souki Lodges & Spa
Chemin des Caraygnasses, 34800 Cabrières, France
T: +33 (0)6 83 48 44 41

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