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SPA Guide 2023: This Year's Ranking of the Best Spa Hotels

For the first time, the world's most exclusive wellbeing resorts are listed in a Falstaff guide. Here are the best spa hotels of the year in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and South Tyrol.

April 3, 2023

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What makes a unique spa hotel? Is it the spacious or particularly cozy wellness area? Is it the exclusive treatments, top-class medical treatments or a special detox offer? Or is it perhaps the idyllic location on the water or the imposing mountain backdrop outside the window that contributes to relaxation? The new Falstaff SPA Guide presents a selection of first-class spa hotels and exceptional wellbeing resorts in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and South Tyrol, as well as a collection of the best international addresses. A total of 577 hotels have made it into the top-class circle; they were evaluated by the readership, in particular by the members of the Falstaff TRAVEL Club, as well as by travel experts who contributed their experiences.


The "Svart" in Norway © Svart


And the Winner is: Based on all the votes, the ten best spa hotels in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and South Tyrol were determined and one winning hotel was chosen in each case. Here you can find out who the winners are. Special awards were also given to the most popular hotels in the Falstaff TRAVEL community. Because: If guests become regulars, a (spa) hotel has done very well. That's why we asked our readers for their favorite spa hotels in the categories Classic Spa, Medical Spa, Treatment & Detox, Adults only Spa, Family Spa and Hidden Champions. Numerous online votes were received and we were able to determine the
winners of the Readers Choice Award 2023 on this basis. The SPA Guide presents the most popular spa hotels in detail.

The "COMO Shambhala" in Bali © Martin Morrell


But why do we need a SPA Guide at all? The answer's easy: Wellbeing and Selfcare are the buzzwords of our time! According to forecasts by the Global Wellness Institute, spendings on wellness travel is expected to rise to an incredible 1.3 trillion US dollars by 2025. Above all, the pandemic and the associated changes in consciousness have accelerated this trend - physical and mental health are in the foreground. We live more consciously and mindfully. However, the new SPA Guide not only provides the best addresses, but also informs about the most important wellness trends and reveals what they can really do. Included are the biggest hypes of the moment (including transformative retreats, liquid healing and immersive spa experiences) and an interview with The Ranch founder Sue Glasscock, who has accompanied many celebrities on their journey to inner balance. We also report on the phenomenon of bio-hacking and why healthy stress is good for you; in the article "Beauty at the touch of a button" we get to the bottom of the possibilities and limitations of new technologies. We hope that this will provide you with a guide on your own path to maximum relaxation and well-being - or simply inspire you with an interesting read!


The best spa hotels in Austria

  1. Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol
    100 | 100
    Tyrol, Telfs-Buchen
  2. Naturhotel Forsthofgut
    100 | 100
    Salzburg, Leogang
  3. Bio and Wellness Resort Stanglwirt
    99 | 100
    Tyrol, Going am Wilden Kaiser

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The best spa hotels in Germany

  1. Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa
    100 | 100
    South Germany, Baden-Baden
  2. Weissenhaus Grand Village Resort & Spa by the Sea
    99 | 100
    Northern Germany, Weissenhaus
  3. Castle Elmau
    99 | 100
    South Germany, Elmau

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The best spa hotels in Switzerland

  1. 7132 Hotel
    100 | 100
    Eastern Switzerland, Vals
  2. Bürgenstock Hotel & Alpine Spa
    100 | 100
    Central Switzerland, Obbürgen
  3. Grand Resort Bad Ragaz
    100 | 100
    Eastern Switzerland, Bad Ragaz

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The best spa hotels in South Tyrol

  1. Quellenhof See Lodge
    100 | 100
    Burggrafenamt, St. Martin in Passeier
  2. Hotel Chalet Mirabell
    100 | 100
    Burggrafenamt, Hafling
  3. Forestis
    100 | 100
    Eisacktal, Brixen

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