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Dreamy Desert Resort Bab Al Shams in Dubai (Re)opens

In the middle of the golden sand dunes of Dubai, a noble oasis will open its doors in the future. After an all-round renovation, the legendary desert resort Bab Al Shams is back in new splendor.

February 15, 2023

A mirage? A dream? Wrong, this is actually a dream come true from the Arabian Nights. If you are looking for a special kind of desert experience, you should check in at Bab Al Shams in the future. The resort in the middle of the sand dunes of Dubai is finally welcoming guests again after an XL renovation.

Bab Al Shams
Al Qudra Road - opposite Endurance City - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Web: babalshams.com

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Desert Legend 2.0

Translated from Arabic, the name Bab Al Shams means "gateway to the sun" - and that couldn't be more apt, since the resort looks like a long-awaited Arabian oasis. In terms of design, the focus has been on earthy, sandy tones, clean lines and oriental details, which together create a warm, cozy picture. A paradise on earth where you can not only stop in, but also stay. 115 rooms and suites are spread over 16 two-story buildings. Spectacular restaurants and wellness treatments complete the offer. 

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Gilles Soheir, general manager of the iconic hotel, summarizes the changes brought about by the remodel as follows: "The redesigned Bab Al Shams is a legacy that we are proud and passionate to present." 

In the footsteps of the Bedouins

Experience the fascinating history of Arabia and gain insight into the secrets of the Bedouins - all this is possible at Bab Al Shams. With carefully selected experiences and activities, you walk in the footsteps of the former nomadic people and experience the glittering desert in all its beautiful splendor. Activities range from camel trekking and horseback riding to off-road excursions and nature tours to the Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve. For the more adventurous guests, a hot air balloon ride, including breakfast, takes you to the top of the world. Really cool!

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Quiet luxury

An oasis is the perfect place to relax, recharge your batteries and get to know new cultures. That's exactly what Bab Al Shams is all about, offering plenty of wellness in addition to action and fun. Diving into the infinity pool and feeling the sun's rays on your wet skin is just as possible as relaxing in the private cabanas.

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Real Arabic

The new Bab Al Shams also goes the extra mile in terms of cuisine. No matter in which of the in-house restaurants - regional products are on the plate everywhere. Fine dining is a top priority at the desert oasis, and eating there is an experience for the senses. In Al Hadheerah, for example, guests experience how it feels to stroll through a traditional souq, an Arab market, past dancers, musicians and camel riders. The two lounges, where guests can retreat in the evening, are also truly Arabic.


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