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Travel Hack: Which flight times are actually best?

Would you rather take an early flight or just fly through the night? We took a closer look...

7 September 2021

When booking a flight by time, there are always a few things to consider. Where am I flying to? How long does the flighttake? What time is it there? And what do I want to experience? But sometimes you have no choice and you have to be satisfied with the few flight times that are listed. But when you are spoilt for choice, it is often difficult to decide. Which time is best?

Here are the pros and cons of certain flight times.

In the morning

Of course, it always depends on where you fly to and how long it takes, but usually you can say: The earlier you start your trip, the earlier you arrive. But those who have a flight in the early morning hours should be aware that one should nevertheless be at the airport a little earlier - even if at these times there is maybe not as much going on as usual. Anyway, during the flight, one is rewarded with a dreamy beautiful sunrise! And: In the early morning hours, the plane should also be the cleanest, because this is usually when the first cleaning takes place.

The advantage: one can already enjoy breakfast at the destination (if not too far away) and then still have the whole day to explore.

The downside: you might not sleep quite as well from excitement and inner stress of oversleeping and missing the plane. And you are quite exhausted throughout the day.

In the night

Those who want to savour every second of the holiday and plan it, will also choose their flight in the best possible way, so that no time is "lost". And since you sleep at night anyway, you can do that right on the plane. And while one enjoys dozing, the time passes much faster. A highlight is also the sea of lights in which the cities over which you fly are immersed!

The advantage: After the last working day before the holiday, you can immediately get on the plane and fly to the well-deserved paradise. Practical: You wake up on the first day of your holiday already at your destination.

The downside: planes aren't necessarily the most comfortable places to sleep. The noise, lack of space and turbulence can mean that you don't arrive at your destination quite as relaxed and only then fall into your hotel bed, dead tired.

On the day

If you value a good night's sleep and don't want to be stressed, it's best to fly at a moderate time. You can still get ready for the airport comfortably and then peacefully go, in a good mood and well prepared. During a stopover, one can comfortably stroll through the duty-free departments or snack with pleasure.

The advantage: people who always put off packing their suitcases as long as possible still have enough time to go through everything important and pack in peace.

The disadvantage: A single day goes by faster than you think. And if you only arrive at your destination in the afternoon or even in the evening, you have already "lost" quite a lot of time.

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