Tolle Bodegas und Horchaterías stehen in Valencia Tür an Tür mit Haute Cuisine und internationaler Trendküche– die schicke Stadt an Spaniens Küste ist Heimat einer lebhaften kulinarischen Szene. Ein Traum für Foodies.
© Pablo Merchan Montes

Valencia for foodies: from tapas to haute cuisine

Great bodegas and horchaterías stand side by side with haute cuisine and trendy international culinary delights in Valencia - the chic city on Spain's coast is home to a lively culinary scene. A dream for foodies.

March 10, 2022

Hotspot Valencia foodies don't have to look far for a treat. Because on every street corner you will find great bodegas and horchaterías, doors open to cafés smelling of fresh pastries or great restaurants with a casual atmosphere and great cuisine. You can let yourself drift with a clear conscience. Your palate will thank you.

Typical Valencia: This is how you dine in Spain's "La Clara"

On the one hand there are the famous Oranges of Valencia, which also like to make their way into a cocktail, the Agua de Valencia. Of course, an evening in the city should also include a visit to a bodega, for example in the Ruzafa district, and a taste of the tapas. Specialties are chlóchinas, similar to mussels, esgarraet or titaina.

Der typische Valencia-Cocktail Agua de Valencia.

Salud! The signature orange cocktail Agua de Valencia is the perfect refreshment for a night out. © Shutterstock

For a bigger appetite, try an authentic paella or the pasta dish fideuà. Valencians also love to serve their dishes in stone pots - like arroz al horno, an oven-baked rice dish. Speaking of the oven, coca Valenciana is a perfect Spanish alternative to pizza.

paella spanish traditional food Valencia

A must-eat: Spanish paella. © Shutterstock

Spain's chic coastal town also has a sweet tooth: churros are served here, as are fartons, Buñuelos de calabaza or the Coca de Llanda, a light and airy biscuit cake. The Legacy of the Conquista is still evident today in sweets such as turrón or anardí, a soft paste made from pumpkin, sugar and with slivered almonds, usually served in an earthenware bowl. And on the Valencian national holiday, as well as on Valentine's Day, people enjoy the "Frutta Martorana": colorful marzipan in the shape of fruits.

Churros con chocolate are undoubtedly among the most delicious desserts in southern Spanish cuisine. © Wantto Create

8 gourmet addresses in Valencia

Market: Mercat Central

For whom? (Hobby) cooks who want to get to know local products
Where? at the Plaça de la Ciutat de Bruges, Ciutat Vella, Valencia

Europe's largest covered market with its charming Art Deco façade is a smorgasbord of local and seasonal products. Those who like to refine their cooking skills will find all the ingredients for paella, suquet de peix and co. at around 400 stands, ranging from deliciously soft Iberian ham to local vegetables and mushrooms to seafood or fish. 

The Mercat Central is Europe's largest indoor market. © Shutterstock

Tapas: Pelayo Gastro Trinquet

For whom? sociable fine tip
Where. Carrer de Pelai 6, Extramurs, Valencia

Today, Pelayo Gastro Trinquet stands on a former pelota field: Here, classic Mediterranean dishes are served, with a modern twist by up-and-coming chef Pablo Margós. The trendy ambience of the Pelayo, with its giant pilota-playing hand, is just as worth a visit as the excellent tapas - from titaina to Iberian ham or steak tartare.

Really cool: Pelayo serves great tapas alongside the Valencian pilota. © Pelayo Gastro Trinquet

Outdoor Show Cooking: Àtic - Palau Ameda

For whom? Friends of fusion cuisine and trendy ambience
Where. Carrer de l'Arquitecte Mora, El Pla de Real, Valencia

Àtic, right next to Valencia's green lung, the Jardín del Turia, is very casual. The rooftop restaurant combines avant-garde with tradition, national with international cuisine. The cuisine is inventive; Japanese, Peruvian and Thai influences come into contact with Valencian products here - Salmorejo with smoked eel or Espencat with Katsuobushi are served in a trendy, light-flooded ambience. By the way: At night, concerts and events take place in La Sala a few floors below Àtic. 

Horchatería: Horchatería-Chocolatería Santa Catalina

For whom? Culinarians who like it sweet
Where? at the Plaça de Santa Caterina, Ciutat Vella, Valencia

Considered Valencia's best horchatería, Santa Catalina serves cups filled with hot chocolate, churros, fartons and turrones, and, for sweet refreshment, horchatas. This great almond milk tastes great - and is also said to have health benefits. Moreover, if you travel to Valencia during the Fallas festivities in spring, don't miss the traditional Buñuelos de Calabaza con Chocolate, available every Saturday and Sunday at Santa Catalina. 

Santa Catalina is the top spot for churros con chocolate and horchatas. © Shutterstock


Leaving Valencia without taking one or more turrón bars with you? Unthinkable. The noble white nougat specialties in different variations - such as from Original CV - are a perfect souvenir for friends, family (and your own palate).

Levante cuisine: Baalbec

For whom? Everyone who appreciates the Mediterranean culinary east.
Where. Gran Via del Marqués del Túria 63, L'Eixample, Valencia

The Baalbec transports its guests to neighboring Mediterranean coasts: you taste your way through the aromatic cuisine of the Levant, from Cairo and Istanbul to Jerusalem. The specialties are refined and prepared with Valencian products and spices. The mezze menus, appetizers, should be enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere and refined with harissa, a spice paste from the Maghreb, or tahina. 

Pita and other Levant delicacies are available at trendy Baalbec. © Michael Burrows

Modern Dining: El Poblet Restaurante Quique Dacosta

For whom. Gourmands, lovers of modern Valencian cuisine
Where. Calle de Correus 8, Ciutat Vella, Valencia

At chic El Poblet, with its modern black-and-white look, chef Luis Valls creates award-winning Valencian haute cuisine. Powerful flavors and innovative dishes impress - from bluefin tuna to Les Pearls in pickled pumpkin and citrus. The creations are also visually creative - here the eye eats with you. 

Dessert: Dulce De Leche

For whom? All those who appreciate cakes and fine pastries
Where. Calle de Jesús 71, Extramurs, Valencia

Whether delicious cakes, Creole empanadas or alfajores, at Dulce De Leche we have arrived in the seventh heaven of sweet delicacies. The pastry shop serves - in addition to coffee and tea - carefully made baked goods, completely traditional and without additives or preservatives. Founded by the Argentine Elisabet, Dulce De Leche combines the sweet traditions of her country of origin with Spanish dessert cuisine. 

Lemon cake and traditional empanadas - gourmets' hearts beat faster at Dulce De Leche. © Alex Ivrs (left), Alejandra Cifre Gonzalez (right)

Paella: Le Pepica

For whom. Fans of classic Spanish (rice) dishes
Where. Avenida Neptuno nº 6, Poblats Marítims, Valencia

Valencia boasts a huge selection of excellent paella restaurants, but La Pepica stands out as one of the top choices. The restaurant on the seafront began its history as a sandwich bar, but in its 120 years of existence it has become an excellent restaurant specializing in Valencian rice dishes. Even Queen Sofía has dined at La Pepica!


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