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Summer 2021 issue

The most beautiful hotels, the best beaches, island hopping in Greece and city popping in Europe's most exciting cities - Falstaff TRAVEL magazine presents the best tips for the long-awaited travel comeback in 2021!

Ten things not to miss in El Gouna

The holiday paradise El Gouna, on the Red Sea, attracts with diversity and offers brilliant experiences. Locals reveal which hotspots you should definitely see!

Places to Beach: the most exciting cities by the sea!

Experience the best of vibrant city life paired with beach flair and the sea in these exciting cities! PLUS: the hottest tips and most beautiful addresses.

Stockholm by Mark A. Thompson

This place feels like my home away from home

Rome by Nicholas Labhart

A variety of wonderful people, delicacies, charming women ...

London by Dr. Shirin Milani

A cultural & culinary change of scenery as it could not be better

Miami by Georg Gruber

For me the perfect symbiosis of art, lifestyle & art de vivre.

5 cities in Europe that we should definitely visit in 2021

Why look across the ocean when true gems await in Europe?

Ciao Roma

The eternal city is always worth a trip. Our author David Minoretti takes us to his all-time classics and takes us on a journey through the Tiber metropolis.

Charles Schumann's Tokyo

The gastro legend on the excellent service in Japan and special insider tips in the pulsating metropolis.

Ciao Milano

We accompany our author David Minoretti on a journey through the Italian metropolis.

Go Paris

From floating star restaurants to ultra-luxury hotel openings.

Paris by Gitta Banko

"Full of life and full of love: Mon Paris"

Insider tips for a London city trip

Hotspots of the metropolis.

New York, baby!

Insider tips for the city that never sleeps.

New York by Max Merseny

"The one & only: A city full of surprises."

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