5 Gründe, wieso Victoria einer der schönsten Orte der Welt ist
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5 reasons why Victoria is one of the most beautiful places in the world

One state - 1,000 possibilities

21 April 2021

Longing destination at the other end of the world: Australia has always held a special fascination for travellers. Not least because of the great distance to Europe, the huge state between the Indian and Pacific Oceans exudes exotic charm and awakens the wanderlust of young and old alike. The state of Victoria, located in the southeast of the country with its vibrant capital Melbourne, is considered the gateway to the Australian continent and promises a unique mix of millennia-old culture, delicious cuisine, magnificent nature and varied activities a travel experience that is second to none.

Here are five reasons why Victoria is considered Australia's treasure chest.

The state of Victoria inspires with its diversity. Credit: Adrian Malec /Pixabay, Ken Cheung / Unsplash, Kon Karampelas /Pixabay

1. multiple beauty

Victoria is located about 14,000 kilometers from Austria in the southeast of the Australian continent. By plane, the journey there takes about a day; from London, Down Under can even be reached in about 17 hours without a stopover. The capital of Victoria is the lively metropolis of Melbourne with 4.5 million inhabitants - in the past, the city has not only regularly been named the world's most livable city, but also inspires enthusiasm every year as the venue for major sporting events such as the start of the Formula 1 season or the Australian Open, one of the most important tennis tournaments in the world.

St Kilda Beach is one of the most beautiful in the country. Credit: Visit Victoria

Victoria also has a lot to offer outside the capital: The state is about the size of Great Britain and offers an incomparable variety of different landscapes on its almost 230,000 square meters - from kilometer-long dream beaches to densely overgrown, evergreen rainforest to mountain regions several thousand meters high, where you can even ski in winter. The distances between the individual highlights are manageable, within a few hours all regions of Victoria can be easily reached by car from Melbourne and so you spend less time behind the wheel and have plenty of time for experiences and relaxation. Despite this compactness, the state is characterized in many places by picturesque unspoiltness and soothing remoteness and thus ensures a holiday far from crowded sights and mass tourism. Especially for self-drivers Victoria is a true paradise - many of the numerous, picturesque roads are among the most beautiful and exciting at all.

2. fabulous nature

Victoria has a total of 54 national parks, and around 30 percent of Australia's endemic wildlife is found in this state alone. In the diverse landscapes, travelers will discover kangaroos and wallabies as well as a number of other fascinating animal species such as koalas, emus and even the extremely rare platypus. A special highlight is the regular penguin migration on Phillip Island, an island off the mainland.

Kangaroos are the daily companions of vacationers and locals alike. Credit: Judith Scharnowski / Pixabay

In the course of the so-called Penguin Parade, countless of the cute birds waddle back to their nests every evening just in time for sunset. No less spectacular is the abundance of different natural areas in Victoria. Whether the eucalyptus forested, mountainous Grampians National Park, the world famous Port Campbell National Park with the monumental Twelve Apostles or the Dandenong Ranges National Park with its lush rainforest - here no travel wishes remain unfulfilled.

3. millennia-old culture

Already 30,000 years ago Aborigines settled on the territory of today's Victoria. Even today, impressive evidence of this eventful history can be found everywhere in the state, for example in the form of cave paintings. The Koories, as the aborigines in this region of Australia call themselves, still maintain and live their traditional culture and are always happy to share it with travellers. On guided tours, for example through the botanical garden in Melbourne, holidaymakers learn everything worth knowing about the way of life of the Aborigines and learn ancient skills such as the correct throwing of a boomerang.

At the Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre, visitors are immersed in Aboriginal culture. Credit: Visit Victoria.

In addition to the culture of the aborigines, the search for gold also plays a significant role in Victoria's history: Especially around the gold mining town of Ballarat, which advanced to become an important centre of the worldwide gold industry in the mid-19th century, the remains of this once so productive branch of industry are still evident today and travellers experience the adventurous spirit of the gold miners first hand during a visit to the Sovereign Hill attraction.

4. exquisite culinary delights

Melbourne is not only the food hotspot of Victoria, but is even considered the unofficial culinary capital of Australia. From starred restaurants to soup kitchens, from food trucks to fine dining restaurants, it's always just a stone's throw here. The metropolis is particularly proud of its distinctive coffee culture, which is one of the most exclusive in the world. In general, the topic of food and drink is very important in Victoria.

There are countless food hotspots in Victoria. The most famous: Melbourne. Credit: Visit Victoria

The state is Australia's largest food exporter and also positions itself as the country's largest wine producer with over 800 wineries. So it's no wonder that most of the food served in Victoria is fresh, regional and sustainable.

5. countless possibilities for activities

With so much diverse nature, culture and culinary delights, it is only natural that Victoria offers its guests a wide range of exciting activities and excursions. Various touring routes lead travellers from one highlight to the next - the best known is probably the Great Southern Touring Route with the picturesque Great Ocean Road, one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world.

Victoria offers countless opportunities for adventurous getaways. Seen here: The Murray River. Credit: Visit Victoria

The choice of walking trails is endless - from short trips to multi-day tours, everything is possible. You can also experience Victoria's delights on two wheels, especially the vineyards of the Yarra Valley and the lakescapes of the Gippsland Lakes. The national sport of the locals is surfing - if you want to try it yourself, Bells Beach in Torquay is the best place to do it. Alternatively, surfing is also possible at numerous other beaches in Victoria. The state's unique flora and fauna can be admired in a variety of ways: snorkel with fur seals, see kangaroos in the wild or watch koalas feed - animal lovers and amateur photographers are spoilt for choice. Unusual activities such as a trip on a historic paddle steamer on the Murray River or glamping on Phillip Island round off the diverse offer.

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