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Almanac Hotels Opens New Luxury Properties in Prague and Vienna

It was only in 2018 that the Almanac hotel chain launched its first high-end hideaway. Now the brand is opening two new luxury hotels in Vienna and Prague. 

23 March 2023

One turns into three. Things are really looking up for Almanac Hotels. After the company was founded by Herbert Haselbacher, a former professional basketball player from Austria, in 2018, followed by the first luxury hotel of its own that was ceremoniously opened in Barcelona, things remained quiet around the brand for the time being. Now, almost five years later, the company is securing a firm place in the market with two new projects in its portfolio. Prague and Vienna can look forward to the new luxury destinations.

Alcron became Almanac

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The 204-room Alcron was considered one of the landmarks of the Czech capital, Prague, and was especially popular with celebrities. The house had guests such as Charlie Chaplin and Ella Fitzgerald. In January 2023, the Alcron reopened under the new name Almanac X Prague.

To make this happen, the building has undergone a thorough makeover. According to reports around 20 million euros were invested in the renovation of the rooms and public areas under the direction of the interior designers from Tres Cinco Uno and the architecture firm Merani. The new design: as refined as it is playful, richly detailed and colorful, modern as it is retro. Special highlights include the new kitchen, which focuses on a plant-based approach and modern interpretations of Czech cuisine, and the new rooftop terrace with views over the city.

Almanac X Prague
Štěpánská 623 /40, 110 00 Nové Město, Czech Republic
Web: almanachotels.com
Tel.: +420 222 820 000
Price: from € 238,-

Almanac charm in Vienna

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Vienna has also been under the sign of Almanac Hotels since March 2023. Located directly on Vienna's Ringstrasse, in the former Palais' Henckel von Donnersmarck and Leitenberger, the brand new Almanac Palais Vienna reflects the special history of the building and the area.

The noble, contemporary design with Viennese charm meets here with simple details from the modern era. The color gold runs like a red thread through the rooms and playful shapes, materials and patterns round off the interior.

Almanac Palais Vienna
Parkring 14-16, 01. Innere Stadt, 1010 Vienna, Austria
Web: almanachotels.com
Tel.: +43 01 2660108
Price: from € 479,-

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