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Working in paradise: The Canaries are looking for the best teleworker

The remote office calls

19 May 2021

Remote Office in the best climate in the world: The Canary Islands have been considered a dream destination for digital nomads since the Corona pandemic at the latest. The good connection to the European mainland, the magnificent nature and last but not least the excellent weather 365 days a year attract more and more remote workers to the archipelago in the Pacific. In the meantime, the Canary Islands government has revised its original target of accommodating 30,000 teleworkers in ten years downwards to just five years. In order to give the trend a further boost, the archipelago has now come up with an additional unusual idea: In the sense of an official competition, the Canary Islands are looking for the best teleworker - the lucky winner can look forward to up to six months of free stay on the Canary Islands.

Dream job in sight!

The trend towards home and remote offices is not new. In the wake of the virus pandemic, however, the development has been accelerated significantly once again. Experts believe that the number of workers who could imagine pursuing their jobs remotely has more than doubled in the past year. And even after Corona, there is no end in sight to the boom - the management consultancy McKinsey, for example, predicts that in the future, generally more than 20 percent of people in the Western world will regularly work remotely or from home. The Canary Islands, at the forefront of the trend, enjoy extraordinary popularity when it comes to choosing the right location for telecommuting and have recently been able to register around 8,000 new workers per month on the islands. Most of these come from Germany, France and the Netherlands.

The Canary Islands are considered to be at the forefront of the new trend of "teleworking". Credit:

Application until 9 June

To give the trend a new boost, the Canary Islands have launched a very special job advertisement as part of a new campaign: "We are looking for the best remote worker who would like to relocate their workspace to the Canary Islands for a maximum period of six months. For this purpose, we are publishing a job offer on LinkedIn, to which all interested persons can apply. The winner will be reimbursed for all costs incurred," explains José Juan Lorenzo, director of the Canary Islands Tourism Board.

Applications are open until June 9 to become a teleworker. Credit:

You can apply until 9 June. To participate, the candidates only have to answer a few simple questions about the Canary Islands. On June 30, the winner will be announced, chosen by a jury of five remote office and tourism experts. All candidates who take part in the promotion will also receive exclusive access to the Remote Talent Directory, a tool that connects freelancers or remote workers with professionals or companies based in the Canary Islands.

The office with the best climate in the world

The idea for the special job posting is no coincidence. The natural conditions of the Canary Islands make the archipelago literally the office with the best climate in the world. This allows companies to offer their employees valuable added value, clarifies Carlos González, professor at the ESIC Business School: "For the people we want to attract to our project, salary is not always necessarily the main focus of interest. They are looking for companies that allow them to live in a certain way and enjoy a certain quality of life. This means no traffic jams, no pollution, 'yes' to nature, 'yes' to health - talent can choose who they want to work with and will choose the company with the most attractive value proposition. This includes salary, leadership, company culture and work flexibility. If you offer them the opportunity to surf before they sit in front of the computer, or a great view of the ocean, they will choose the option that allows them to achieve the lifestyle they dream of."

The Canary Islands are considered the best office in the world when it comes to climate. Credit:

The archipelago's status as an Atlantic hub with very good internet connections - including better broadband than the European average - makes the Canary Islands a leading destination for remote workers. In addition, there is the year-round good climate, the extraordinary nature and diversity of the islands, the varied landscapes and activities, the proximity to Europe with numerous low-cost flight connections and, last but not least, the safety of the archipelago and its cities. All this and much more awaits the lucky winner of the very special job advertisement. 

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