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Neueröffnung auf Mykonos: Casa Cook Mykonos
© Casa Cook Mykonos

Is this Mykonos' coolest new place-to-stay?

Mykonos is enriched by a trendy address: At Casa Cook, which welcomes lovers of the Greek island from June 2022, unpretentious luxury and Cycladic island flair meet.

May 12, 2022

On June 10, the time has come: Casa Cook Hotels opens the stylish doors of its newest home. Situated on the gorgeous island of Mykonos, famous for its high-class parties and beautiful beaches, the adults-only retreat Casa Cook invites you to laid-back lux in Cycladic style. 

Casa Cook Mykonos
Aleomandra Ornou, Ornos 846 00, Greece
Price: Double room from € 495,- per night incl. breakfast

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The newest Adults-only retreat in Mykonos promises minimalist-modern ambience with Cycladic flair. © Casa Cook Mykonos

Mykonos is calling ...

... and Casa Cook also joins in its irresistible luring song. The intimate boutique hotel is located directly on the coast of the island, with panoramic views of the beautiful Aegean Sea. In the distance, Delos, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, peeks out from the blue expanse. Looking into the resort, you'll come across whitewashed houses where minimalist modern style and muted earth tones predominate. Another stylish reference to Cycladic culture: the bespoke woven works of artist Alexandra Bissa.

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Relax and just enjoy being. © Casa Cook Mykonos

Exclusive nights at Casa Cook Mykonos

Minimal, traditional and quite chic: The 26 rooms and suites in the new opening are muted, which is pleasing. Pleasant natural materials, muted color nuances that create a natural feel-good atmosphere and modern furnishings - here you can relax in style. 

Adults-only: On Mykonos, you can look forward to minimalist flair with a Cycladic ambience. © Casa Cook Mykonos

Culinary throne above the Aegean Sea

In the evening, guests leave their suites and rooms to spend the evening in the restaurant overlooking the Aegean Sea, the pergola-lined pool, and the resort. The elevated location and open terrace setting are ideal for sunset dinners. The menu presents inspired Greek island cuisine with international influences - classic, good.

A sight for the gods: while sampling authentic Greek dishes in the in-house restaurant, the eyes get their money's worth as they gaze out over the Mediterranean. © Casa Cook Mykonos

From Casa Cook to the island paradise

The excellent location of the new opening opens up numerous possibilities for leisure activities for travelers. On the one hand, Casa Cook impresses with its secluded location, on the other hand, the city center of Chora is less than five kilometers away. Everywhere there is something to see: On the mountain ridges of the island, rustic windmills are lined up next to each other. Hidden all over Mykonos, the curious will find farms that entice with homemade delicacies and a charming atmosphere. And in the evening, meet up in the clubs and bars of Chora and get to know the destination from its luxurious party side.

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A dream for island fans: after a long island tour on Mykonos, spend the evening enjoying Greek cuisine or relaxing by the pool at Casa Cook. © Casa Cook Mykonos

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