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Extraordinary: The new Hotel W Rome opens in October 2021

The exclusive design reflects Rome's multi-faceted history and ensures that guests are immersed in the vibrant culture of the Eternal City.

6 September 2021

The Italian capital will soon be one luxury hotel richer with the new Hotel W Rome! The historic palazzo in which the luxury house has moved into exudes spirited luxury from the outside and meets an exciting interpretation of Roman lifestyle on the inside. The historic retreat will open in October 2021.

Coming Soon: A Roman Luxury Oasis

Omnan Group developed the new hotel in collaboration with award-winning design firm Meyer Davis, founded by Will Meyer and Gray Davis. The W Rome spans two adjacent 19th-century buildings on the Via Liguria and houses 162 guest rooms and suites. It enjoys a prime location near the famous Spanish Steps and the exclusive boutiques of Via Condotti.

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The hotel also boasts one of the few rooftop bars with a panoramic view of the Eternal City. This is the place where Rome's past, present and future meet. From the interplay of fabrics and surfaces to seductive textures, every detail in every single room has been thought through.

70s style glamour

In a city as historically significant as Rome, the inimitable colours and patterns of Italy meet a fusion of different eras with outstanding design in this luxury hotel. The Italian glamour of the 1970s runs throughout the building, blending traditional architecture with contrasting color blocking and bold graphic patterns in varying shades of burnt orange, dramatic red and greens. An eclectic mix of colorful furniture meets stone walls that reference the building's history, while reflective surfaces give the home a modern flair.

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Guests are welcomed into the W Living Room, which features a stunning skylight and patterned glass window that allows light to stream into the bright and airy space. Black and grey marble floors run throughout the space with its multiple seating areas complete with elegant sculptural artwork. 

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A mural painted by Italian artist Costanza Alvarez de Castro is inspired by Roman gardens and invites you to explore. It tells the story of the destination's stunning geography. Transitional areas between rooms neutralize the view and atmosphere, while a digital gallery screen pays homage to Rome and its rich culture; its images change as soon as a guest enters the room. 

The secret garden

The transitions between public and private spaces are fluid throughout the hotel. A hidden door in the public bathroom leading to the intimate Parlapiano - a "secret" garden - invites guests to discover the unexpected. Inspired by the Borromini Church, a traditional Italian stone church with "kissing bench," lush foliage, topiary and water fountains, this area offers a tranquil retreat within the hotel.

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Local materials are used to tell the hotel's story. For example, traditional herringbone wooden floors transition effortlessly into modern marble when guests reach the bathroom, creating a thoughtful blend of past and present throughout the space. The wine red, floor-to-ceiling velvet curtains at the windows are truly eye-catching and add a touch of extra luxury to the rooms. A selection of the guest rooms offer private balconies and terraces with grand views of the city, including famous landmarks such as the Istituto Svizzero.

W Rome

26/36 Via Liguria, Rome 00187 Italy
Tel: +39 06 4201 6253 

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