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From "Sky Guru" in the Maldives to "Train Robbers" in the US.

12 February 2021

Teacher, lawyer, banker & Co are among the most classic professions in our society. However, there is another way: On the Maldives for example, a "Sky Guru", in Florida a "Dolphin Prosthesis Developer" and in Arizona even designated "train robbers." 

Here are six of the most extraordinary professions in the world.


"Sky Guru" at Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas

With the Sky Guru of the Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas you travel to the stars. In the so far only observatory of the Maldives, which is built above the sea, the Maldivian Ali Shameem explains the breathtaking starry sky and its galaxies to the guests. As the child of a seafarer, he has already discovered his love for astronomy. Even the first sailors oriented themselves by the stars and thus arrived at the island of Kihavah. "The night sky is like a time jump that allows us to look back billions of years in time," Ali says. With the largest telescope in the Maldives, it's possible to see as far as Saturn and its golden ring.


The dolphin prosthesis developer

It's a story like something out of a movie: A baby dolphin loses its tail fin in the nets of a crab trap and is rescued by two prosthetic experts from Florida, who develop the world's first tail prosthesis for the young animal and thus give its life a second chance. One of the rescuers is renowned prosthetist Kevin Carroll. Actually, Kevin only specializes in human prostheses, but the critical condition of the dolphin named Winter immediately aroused his compassion. Together with his colleague Dan Strzempka, he took on her fate and spent a whole 18 months inventing an individual dolphin tail prosthesis for Winter. With the help of a special gel that enabled the prosthesis to cling to Winter's skin without hindering her freedom of movement, the actually impossible was achieved. The so-called "Winter's gel" has since been used in human prostheses. The story made it to the screens of international cinemas in 2011 in "My Friend the Dolphin", by the way, and can now be found on various streaming services. Winter himself is now moving into the Clearwater Marine Aquarium under professional supervision.


Scottsdale's "Tequila Goddess."

The restaurant La Hacienda in the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Resort is not only popular in the region because of its culinary creations. La Hacienda is also the perfect location for tequila lovers: Eden Williams is the in-house "Tequilla Goddess." This is a sommelière for tequila, or in this context "tequllière". Eden, who already discovered her passion for gastronomy and hotel business at the age of 19, accompanies the guests of the restaurant through the evening, for example by informing them about the differences between the various types of tequila and explaining how to drink tequila correctly. In addition, she takes care of the expansion of the exquisite tequila menu, gives bar courses as well as tequila tastings. 


"Marine Life Whisperer" at the Four Seasons Maldives Resort at Kuda Huraa.

Ibrahim Nazeer is the longest standing employee of Four Seaons in the Maldives. Already since the opening of the Four Seasons Maldives at Kuda Huraa in 1998, he is part of the Four Seasons family. With over 10,000 dives under his belt, he knows the underwater world of the Maldives better than anyone else, so it's no wonder he's also known as the "Marine Life Whisperer". However, his official job title is "Dive & Recreation Manager". In addition to continuing to discover the unique underwater world, Ibrahim also places great importance on developing a close relationship with hotel guests and his team. He regularly helps others overcome their fears. "Experience plays a big part in this process," he tells us. "My experience on the one hand, to gain the trust of the clients as well as the experience of the participants at that moment: that they experience firsthand that there is nothing to fear underwater." 


The train robbers of the Grand Canyon Railway

The working day of a train robber in Arizona resembles a Wild West movie: When the daily train of the Grand Canyon Railway is making its way back from the canyon to Williams, you ride alongside the wagons before bringing the train to a stop and boarding. After that, the train robbers mimic a holdup in an entertaining way before being arrested by the sheriff on board after a while. At the terminus in Williams, they pose for joint photos with the passengers. 


"Beach Butler" at ELA Quality Resort Belek

There are plenty of ways to relax and pamper yourself at the ELA Quality Resort Belek guests not only receive first-class service in the restaurants and bars as well as in the rooms and suites. Also on the beach in the private beach cabanas, which guests can book, one is taken care of all around. This is ensured by the designated beach butler. A freshly squeezed juice? No problem! Delicious cocktail creations, snacks and other amenities are also brought to the private Beach Cabana by the Beach Butler within no time, while the guests enjoy the sun and the view of the Mediterranean Sea in peace. By the way: the cabanas are currently being completely renovated so that guests can look forward to an even more exclusive experience next season. And of course, the beach butler will still be there.

Picture Credits: ELA Quality Resort Belek, Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Resort, Four Seasons, Anantara Hotels & Resortsm, clearwater.com, Wild West Ventures

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