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These are the highlights of the Yoga Days in Gastein

Recharge your batteries, come to rest and enjoy.

11 June 2021

Fresh air, the most beautiful power spots of the Gastein valley, a diverse programme of yoga units, meditations and workshops with international, certified teachers - what more do Yoga-lovers want? Currently, yoga trends combine physically strengthening exercises with an orientation on health, mental training and body-mind balance. Exactly these trends and a wide range of yoga units can be expected by aspiring and practised yogis and yoginis in the leading alpine health region of Gastein.

The yoga days continue until 20 June. For more information and to book yoga sessions, please visit here.

Yoga days in Gastein - The most beautiful places for a sun salutation

The three towns in the Gastein valley - Bad Gastein, Bad Hofgastein and Dorfgastein - are the setting for the largest event of its kind in Europe. The various yoga units take place in various partner hotels, in the great outdoors and in public places. Among others, courses are offered at the Felsentherme, at the Fulseck, at the Stubnerkogel and at the Schlossalm, as well as at the waterfall in Bad Gastein or directly at the thermal water bathing lake in the Alpentherme Bad Hofgastein. In case of bad weather, an alternative location will be provided for the majority of the units.

The Gastein Yoga Days take place twice a year, for ten days each in spring and autumn. Credit: Gasteinertal Tourismus GmbH

The program highlights of the Yoga Days

Moon bathing

During the waxing moon phase, a special yoga session takes place in Sportgastein with lunar meditations, balance exercises, and communal sounding. During moon bathing, yogis and yoginis can not only use the yin energy to let things go but also enjoy the unspoiled nature of the Sportgastein high valley. The yoga session only takes place if the weather is good.


Workshops that offer in-depth insights into specific yoga practices are part of the diverse offering at the Yoga Days in Gastein. In addition to mental yoga workshops with Herta Meirer, there will also be health yoga for more joie de vivre with Alexandra Meraner and a workshop series with Dr Uma Ewert on the topics of relaxation, balance and self-management.

Chakras Yoga

Chakras are subtle energy vortices that serve as connection points between the body and the astral body of the human being. Through specific yoga exercises, the seven different main chakras can be strengthened and blockages released. In the course of the yoga spring, numerous sessions are held for the opening and flow of the chakras. Among other things, dynamic, mobilizing, but also relaxing and grounding yoga exercises will be practised with yoga teachers Julia Schweiger and Petra Janata.

safe yoga

Beyond the usual extent, as many units as possible will be held outdoors this year. If this should not be possible due to weather conditions, there are always rooms available that offer enough space to maintain the minimum distance. If the courses are held indoors, the rooms will be aired out and disinfected afterwards. Naturally, disinfectant is also provided. In addition, the number of participants in the units is limited, registration is absolutely necessary.

The yoga days in Gastein are known for the many outdoor sessions in the most beautiful places in the valley. Credit: Gasteinertal Tourismus GmbH

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