These are the best Ayurveda cures in May

Four of the most beautiful retreats in Austria.

1 April 2021

According to Ayurveda, after winter is the best time for cleansing cures, because: Ayurvedic treatments such as oil as well as peeling massages and herbal therapies have a particularly purifying, renewing and invigorating effect now. The Indian natural medicine is healing, provides more energy and joie de vivre as well as a radiant appearance. And it also promotes the regulation of digestion, restful sleep and general well-being.

Here are four of the most beautiful Ayurveda-Retreats in Austria that offer cures in May.

Ayurvedic cures have a healing and invigorating effect.

AyurVienna at the Hotel Meierhof in Geras, Lower Austria

Suburb 11, 2093 Geras
Tel: 02912 300

Pancha karma
12 days, 13 - 24 May 2021

The 12-day Pancha Karma cure by AyurVienna provides a comprehensive and deep cleansing of body and mind - perfect for early summer. Through type-appropriate Ayurvedic cleansing measures, digestive organs are relieved and chronic diseases and pain are effectively treated. In this way we strengthen our resistance and our mental balance. The treatments are carried out under medical and therapeutic supervision.

Price: 2.990 € for 12 days

In the midst of the idyllic landscape in Geras, a relaxing Ayurveda cure awaits the guests of the Hotel Meierhof.

Ayurveda Hotel & Resort Sonnhof, Tyrol

Hinterthiersee 16, 6335 Hinterthiersee
Tel: 05376 5502

Rasayana cure
10 days, 23 May - 2 June

Those who want to do something good for their body can pamper themselves with the 10-day Ayurveda cure, which focuses on deceleration and regeneration. Through a total of 18 treatments, the immune system is to be strengthened, states of exhaustion overcome and inner stability established. The cure takes place on 900 meters height, at the high plateau of the Thierseetals in the hotel Sonnhof. Under therapeutic supervision, guests enjoy anti-stress massages, peelings, heat therapy and herbal infusions.

Price: 2.597 € for 10 days


Hotel & Spa Larimar, Burgenland

Panoramaweg 2, 7551 Stegersbach
Tel: 03326 55100

Ayurveda detox cure
14 days, date on request

The Larimar wellness and health hotel in southern Burgenland offers seven different Ayurveda cures. Such as the 14-day detox cure with a highly competent health team from southern India. The body is supposed to purify and detoxify - with the cleansing power of Ayurveda. The guests expect among other things different welfare massages, Detox baths, Lymphdrainagen and ayurvedische nutrition. In addition, there are daily relaxing yoga sessions on the program.

Price: 3.960 € for 14 days

The exclusive hotel in southern Burgenland pampers its guests with an Ayurveda cure that focuses on detox.

Ayurveda Resort Mandira, Styria

Wagerberg 120, 8271 Bad Waltersdorf
Tel: 03333 2801

Restart with Holistic Ayurveda
7 days, 30.4. - 7.5.

Recharge your batteries in the heart of Styria? The Mandira Resort in Bad Waltersdorf offers numerous Ayurveda cures that are individually tailored to people. This includes the Restart with Holistic Ayurveda cure, where body, mind and soul experience a new start in terms of energy, strength and joy. In the 7-day cure under therapeutic company the guests go on a journey into the inside of their body. Treatments with herbs, natural oils and salts as well as massages and a balanced diet have a supporting effect.

Price: 4.718 € for 7 days

Picture Credits: AyurVienna, Hotel Larimar / Bernhard Bergmann, PIRO4D / Pixabay, Seksak Kerdkanno / Pixabay 

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